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Monday, November 14, 2011

Sunday, Sunday--waving--skipping--

Lovely day, ending with a concert... and then was dragooned into helping with kid-homework, but hey--music all day. Made my friend Yolanda coconut curry soup with delecata (or is it delicata?) squash since she was semi-stranded in Cooperstown. And what fun, David Hartwell and Kathryn Cramer asked for "Power and Magic" for their somewhat delayed Year's Best Fantasy 10 anthology. It was originally written for the anthology Firebirds Soaring, edited by Sharyn November (Penguin/Firebird.)


  1. Soup sounds intriguing. I like the name of the squash! Congratulations on the story request, and I see on Linked In that it has picked up a prize. With any luck, this will be the year that you will be lauded and recognized as you deserve to be.

  2. Yes, you would like it! Shall dig up a link, as I found it online.

    Prize? There are various awards and citations for different stories, but I can't even remember one for that one--just the prior pub with Sharyn November's anthology. Maybe I made a mistake in typing up? Of course, not remembering something could be incipient brain rot... Shall check next time I go by LinkedIn. I'm afraid that I rarely go there.

    Thanks for the good wish, Robbi. Honestly, I feel like Mr. Bennett when people say things like that--you know, when the narrator (I think--more brain rot) says that after so many years with Mrs. Bennett (the invariable silly Mrs. Bennett) he might not even relish intelligence and reason, should it sprout up. But any increase in readers is always lovely.

    Okay, here it is: I think that I might use lime instead of lemon next time, and try a smidge of fresh ginger. And I was a little heavier on the curry and cayenne than called for...

    Now back to bills and page proofs.

  3. I would like it, but my husband, who hates sweet potatoes and squash, would not. So unless I make it only for myself, I guess I won't be making it! I personally love sweet potatoes, butternut squash, coconut, and the like. He hates watermelon too. Some southerner, hm?

  4. What an abomination! No sweet taters, no watermelon. Richard, you do not know what you are missing. Must be a guy thing. My guys (the progeny) are relentlessly picky.


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