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Saturday, November 12, 2011

The Lydian Stones

Announcement, announcement!

I am going to be starting a little side project on the 22nd, for no better reason than that it is my birthday and I feel like giving you (yes, you) a present.

It will be in blog format, and so far it is proving to be highly enjoyable for me and, I hope, will be for you.

Many people will be involved, the living and the dead, and I hope it will add a site for poetry that is worthwhile.

So come up the garden steps with me! More news on this later on as the work progresses.


  1. Well, now...this is very exciting!

  2. Marly, I hate to criticize such an accomplished author on the use of language, but this isn't an announcement. It's a tease.

  3. (Also, just remembered that I'd forgotten something important..)

  4. Dave,

    One is not supposed to give away presents before they are ripe!


    I hope so!

  5. Dave,

    Thanks for the revenge tease! Something important...

  6. See there, Dave--Susanna likes a surprise!

  7. Susanna,

    I am glad you have your spring hat on today... And the snow is melting here, hurrah!

  8. I like teases, er, announcements of presents to come! I do that sometimes too. Looking forward to it, plus a birthday too...

  9. :-) Any game both the living and the dead can play is my kind of game.

  10. I shall go get my spade and my flashlight!

  11. Anonymous,

    Talk about a tease! I should have known an anonymous would come by...


    We shall frolic!


    I'll meet you at Northanger Abbey.

  12. Intriguing. By the way, there is another surprise winging its way to you by post for your birthday.

  13. Oh. My. You are an organized woman!

  14. Not generally. But it so happens that I ran into something attractive and had it sent to you.


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