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Friday, November 04, 2011

Into the Light

I would dearly love to see this show at Anderson Creative, and send hearty congratulations to Paul Digby, who acted as curator, composed music for each of the three gallery rooms, and even contributed a pair of paintings. Paul, as you may know, has made videos for five of my poems, all on youtube, and he has a fascinating history in the arts--he is fearless and has tried many modes.  Lynn Digby is also in this show with nine paintings, as are five other area artists. Since all the works were commissioned to go with the the themes and movements of the music, this one is a special and unusual show. If you're anywhere near Canton, Ohio, go see it! And come back and tell me about it afterward.


  1. Gosh!
    Thank you, Marly. The private opening thingie went so very well, and tonight and the further presentation nights will be even easier to run. The show is a timed experience using light, and music, and that takes organization and many hands!
    I so wish you could see this, but I shall post movies in Facebook and you can, perhaps, look in on them and see what we are showing there!

    How very nice of you to post this! Thank you!

  2. Not a bit nice--I'm green! Want to be there...

    I hadn't thought about lights. Wow.

  3. Sounds intriguing indeed, wish I could see it.

  4. marja-leena--

    I know it would be much, much better to be there, but in lieu of that I am looking forward to some glimpses!


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