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Sunday, November 06, 2011


Evidently tomorrow UPS will bring the "second pass" for A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage (Mercer University Press, March 2012) to my doorstep. And that means I will need to start reading it again (again).  So this afternoon I shall be holing up to finish looking back over the manuscript of The Foliate Head (UK: Stanza Press, tba), as I need to get the absolutely final version turned in... except when I am feeding child no. 3 (weedily growing and hungry) or admonishing cats and dog for waking me at six when I told the wisp-brained things so very clearly about the concept of Daylight Savings Time and how they should not wake me with their absurd bio-rhythms.

Good news: the slightly-missing husband surfaced in Casablanca. Trala, I am content. Happy, even. He'd better not have as many adventures as he had when volunteering in Vietnam!  Humming an ethereal Hopson tune that goes with a medieval poem, "There is no rose of such virtue." Resmiranda!


  1. Busy wife, mother, housekeeper, pet owner and author! Glad all is well in your world.

  2. Hi marja-leena,

    Yes, rain-right! I was doing a worry-wart imitation until I got emails from Paris and Morocco. Now I feel good. Must have news at least every third day or I get squirrelly...

    Must say that though it's right for "author" to take a back seat to life (because how can there be writing without life?), I put housekeeping way behind writing in real life. Alas for my upstairs mess.

  3. Glad to hear everything is proceeding without interruption. Marja-leena, I saw your beautiful photographs somewhere online, forget where, and admired them so much. That's how it is with Internet surfing... it all bleeds together.
    Have a productive time with the manuscripts Marly!
    No one has contacted me about the interview. Perhaps no one was able to find it. I found it very difficult to access, but some more sophisticated than I in the ways of Internet stuff probably had no trouble at all, such as my two neighbors, who listened to it live, and said they enjoyed it. However, no writers or yoga people yet.

  4. Oh, for those who don't know, I'm talking about an interview I did yesterday on blog radio, a show called Verses in Motion. It went too fast for me to say anything useful at all. I just blabbered away.

  5. Robbi,

    Leave a link here?

    Just got a note that Mike's flight to Cairo was cancelled.

  6. Oh yes, that housekeeping does usually end up at the bottom of my list too. And I always like to hear from my husband when he is away, isn't it great to have the net for that?

    Robbi, thanks for the kind words about my work. You may have seen them over at qarrtsiluni? And you've had an interview on the radio - congrats!

  7. marja-leena,

    I was tidy at one point, but three children labored together to abolish upstairs tidiness.

    Yes, it is good, especially when he is in in places where it would have been hard to hear a few years back.

    Robbi, leave your link! I've got it somewhere...

    There's the link. Sorry. I lose everything.
    Yes Marja-leena, it was qarrtsiluni!
    Another interview today,this time for a job. Wish me luck.


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