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Tuesday, November 08, 2011

XD Department

Photograph courtesy of Mira Pavlakovic of Ozali, Croatia and
My husband raced on horseback (lost one race, won the other) to the pyramids at Giza today. Me? I cleaned house and ferried child no. 3.


  1. Food pyramids are every bit as exciting as those at Giza - and if geezers gallop races while you race kids, there is a balance in that.

    Besides - you could always swap with him next time!

    I hear that the desert is very dusty...

    Oh well, that's all I can come up with at the moment!

  2. Paul,

    You pour the balm of consolation into the wounded etc.

    A true pal!


  3. Good on you, Paul. I thought it was a pithy comment.
    Marly, I'm sure there's karma in here somewhere. You too will visit exotic lands again, sometime.

  4. So much for consolation: I'd be ripped. However, I bet your imagination is a lot more exciting, and all the time, and for free!

  5. Robbi,

    I am sure that if I had jounced horseback over the desert, I would today be feeling might sore...


    I can't possibly keep up the pace of travel mania (let's see, the past year was Africa and Asia and a trip out west, I think)and manage my deadlines and children, so it does not bother me. Wales was sweet and quite enough for a while.

  6. That's true, and didn't you go to Cambodia last year or the year before too?

  7. mighty!

    The typo war is on!


    That was 2009. The first time I accompanied him on one of his big trips... My children have often taken a turn, so that has been good for them.


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