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Wednesday, November 02, 2011

Sweet blame

I am tickled to find that The Throne of Psyche has progeny.  Dale Favier is blaming me for his four new poems. The mythic Psyche gave birth to Hedone, Pleasure...


  1. Yes, I saw those and enjoyed! Isn't it great to be an inspiration to others?

  2. When I have been influenced by so many, yes, it is pleasant when you see somebody being inspired in return...

  3. Beautiful, and inspired though they are by your poem, something entirely different, and very much themselves.

  4. Well, that is the only kind of progeny worth having, right? The independent kind...

  5. I mean, aside from the flesh-and-blood sort under the age of--what is it now?

  6. Yes. Our children are also themselves, but the difference is that one can often catch the family resemblance in the eyes or smile. If I hadn't seen your poem or his quotation there, I might not have guessed it at all.


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