Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Mad Hatter's date book

On Thursday I mailed off page proofs for my next novel, A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage.  Forthcoming: March 2012, Mercer University Press.  Now I am very close to sending off the tweaked-again version of Thaliad, my blank verse epic poem. (Being quite the mad hatter, I seem to have insisted on reading it yet another "one last time," but I hope to be done today or maybe tomorrow--have a sickie home today, alas.) Pub date:  January 2012, from Phoenicia Publishing in Montreal.

Then I am moving on to do a final polish on The Foliate Head,  forthcoming from Stanza Press in the U.K.  The Throne of Psyche is an unusually beautiful book: The Foliate Head will likewise be beautiful. It, too, will have a cover by Clive Hicks-Jenkins, and it will also have three foliate heads as the division pages. Scrumptious. I will be working on it with Clive and book designer Andrew Wakelin, who did the two sumptuous books in honor of Clive's 60th birthday retrospective.

I also need to get rereading for a review of Bei Dao's selected poems from New Directions.  Any fans out there?

Thanks to all who put up with my over-busyness of late, and especially to those who have helped me get out the word about The Throne of Psyche. I am grateful. (Materials available on request for any other bloggers who want to help...)

More The Book of the Red King up soon.

Image credit: courtesy of victorianweb.org.


  1. How do you do this? Cycling back and forth between poetry and a fiction novel with such ease?
    I'm awed!

  2. But Ruth, I bet you don't think a thing of moving from a huge oil to a tiny little notebook sketch!

  3. Meant to say that I have gone back and looked at your Chihuly post a number of times. It is delicious!

    * * *

    Ruth's post:

  4. I am in awe how much work you manage to do, how many exciting books you are getting published in a short time! I need some of that creative energy to rub off on me, some kind of pixie dust that you can send over the 'net perchance?

  5. Yawn. I am about to tumble into bed and feel that it's all fairy glamour right now. Leaves and berries strung up on celery threads...

    I wonder if pixie dust could be my snake oil strike-it-rich medicine, though? Pixie Dust, Manufacters.

    Mostly I am feeling that I want to do new work! Always the most interesting. Nearly always...

  6. I love it all!
    And soon....
    The Book of the Red King!
    The Book of the Red King!
    The b....... well you know what I am saying? I think this is a blockbuster, basically.

    Can't wait for it ALL.

    Marly - you have worked hard, and we gain. Again!

  7. Paul,

    Everybody is being so . . . sweet! Thank you.

    And now I go off, lalala (lululu), to sing...

  8. You are an inspiration to all of us Marly. I will try to order at least one of the several books you have coming out. I know I want The Book of the Red King, for sure, when that comes out.
    Maybe that's app material? See how my app experience goes, and maybe you can try it too.

  9. Robbi,

    Shan't count my chickens yet... But I do feel pleased that I'll be able to tweak the Red King poems soon. I need to go over quite a few of them.

    Apps, well... maybe! My first book that is also an ebook is coming up.


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