Sunday, October 16, 2011

Godin on book promotion

A snippet from Seth Godin's blog:*  **

There is no such thing as effective book promotion by a book publisher.
This isn't true, of course. Harry Potter gets promoted. So did Freakonomics. But out of the 75,000 titles published last year in the US alone, I figure 100 were effectively promoted by the publishers. This leaves a pretty big gap.

This gap is either unfilled, in which case the book fails, or it is filled by the author.

*You can tell that this is from an older post (2006) because the number of books published is far, far greater now. But the rest is just the same.

**In answer to a facebook request from Kristen: the original post is here.


  1. And, then...along comes Amazon:
    “The only really necessary people in the publishing process now are the writer and reader,” [said Russell Grandinetti, one of Amazon’s top executives] “Everyone who stands between those two has both risk and opportunity.”

    Very interesting changes afoot:

    (thought i'd try this way to include that otherwise very long url for the article in NYT)

  2. Yes, things grow interesting, don't they?

  3. If anyone has comments or suggestions on making online sites to market a book, I'd be interested.

  4. I'd suggest looking at websites for books "like yours" that you admire.

  5. Robbi, if you are looking for a free hosting site, there are zillions. I use Doteasy, and they have answered every question I've ever had in short order. I wish my template could be a little more flexible, but it is free! I quite like WordPress but have never used it.


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