Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Psyche Sampler

For a poetry book, The Throne of Psyche is fairly long--at 106 pages, it's roughly double the average book of poems. Let's see; that's 60 poems, counting the seven sections of the title poem. If you would like to take a big bite of the book to see whether you want your very own copy, you may write me. Then you can see whether you want to loll in the grass or on the sand and read my poems (or, around here, whether you must put up your umbrella against the rain or snow and then hurry in to read by the fire.)

I'm pleased to say that this book not only has splendiferous art by Welsh artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins on the cover of the paperback and on the hardcover jacket, but it also is beautifully designed and bound. It has lovely papers (particularly the hardcover, but both editions are quite fine) and interior decoration.

 Just send me a little note at smaragdineknot [at], and I will send you a sampler of poems.

* * *

I have caved in and joined Google+...


  1. I just got mine, and yes, it's lovely!

  2. I'm going to order some books, including yours, in a week (that is, after I'm sure I can make the last two payments on this fall's unending mountains of college tuition and fees!) Can't wait.

    Whee, new books!

    It is pretty. Birt & Birt are a great design team for Mercer. Hope you find something to like inside as well!

  3. It's a terrific book, and a bargain. Consider the length, as you say!

  4. The nice thing about the length is that I can toss people a considerable amount as a sample and still have lots left.


    Warning: I sent you some thoughts...

  5. That's some cat, Marly! Is it as ferocious as it looks?

    (Sorry, I know this is somewhat off topic, but that cat deserves comment).

  6. That is the sweetest, most stuffed bunny-like cat you have ever encountered. She is brainless but her heart is full of love. I just caught her mid-lick. The tip of her tongue is often sticking out in absurd fashion.

    Blue Persian. A gift. Remember, always look gift cats in the mouth, as they can be an enormous amount of work. (Must be bathed, combed, and cleaned-up-after. If not, she turns into a felted hat. My last fb post was: Time to shave the cat again.)

  7. Do you think that if you didn't bathe and comb and clean up sweet-bunny-like-cat, she would turn into a felted hat like mine? (-;

  8. Clive,

    I have often likened her to a densely felted hat on pegs. It only takes her a few days to felt up, alas. So she was at the vet's for a week not long ago, and they didn't comb her: boom! Felted. Time to shave the cat. It comes on quickly and feels quite horrible and bunchy.

    While I have great admiration for the making of your hat and the end product, I feel nothing but aggravation and smidges of despair about a felted cat! I am sure if it went on to the end result, she would not be able to move, and you could wear her on top of your head...


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