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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The Divine Comics

Cover image:  I believe this is the first version; the
new image can be seen nowhere but Amazon at the
moment--unfortunately it refuses to upload to Blogger
for some reason. If you are an online shopper, the book is
already available for discounted pre-order on online sites.
 I am curious to see a copy of The Divine Comics, which goes on sale in November. My friend Philip Lee Williams has been working on this book off and on since 1983.  He has also published many other books and been lauded in various ways--winner of the Townsend Award, the Michael Shaara Award, Georgia Author of the Year, and more. 

He has accomplished a great deal and is very well known in his home state and region, but he has yet to have any sustained look at his career. If there are any passers-by interested in a topic for research and publication, I think Phil would be a good one.  With fifteen books (or is it sixteen?) on the shelf, he is certainly at that stage in his career where backward glances start to be important.

Phil has recently retired from many years at the University of Georgia and is no longer doing speaking engagements. Instead, he is holed up on his little fief, writing. If you want an e-visit with him, go to his website, where you can find out more and can also leave him a note on his blog.


  1. Are these poems? Short fictions? You may have said, but I missed it, if you did.

  2. Fictions with some relationship to Dante. Beyond that, I do not know...

  3. Have been talking about it with him this morning... It is three interlocking novels. I think it sounds very different and certainly not a traditional trilogy!

  4. So, like, where's the link to his website?

  5. Oh, phoo! Can you tell I'm too busy? Forgot.

    Surely I will emerge from being too busy some day soon, right?

  6. Was wondering about the link to his online space until I came to the comments.

    The cover is certainly intriguing.

  7. I was hoping to find a link here too, so thank you, Robbi, and thank you Marly.

    I shall go have a look-see!

    Trundle on, Marly! It's the polishing that polishes things, after all!

  8. Anil,

    I will put the final cover up some time. It also suggests merriment... Right now the only one online refused to copy.

    Sorry about the link. I am just tired--been working on two bigbigbig deadlines.

  9. Paul,

    Mr. Rogers had a kids' song about polishing. Polishing, polishing, everything! Etc. I think somebody was polishing leaves at the time.

    You are polishing too!

  10. This is a wonderful book. I'm astonished to see that six months after the release date, there are no mainstream reviews. I seem to be the only person to review it anywhere (on Malcolm's Round Table). It's much different than his other books, but well worth the fun of experiencing.


  11. Malcolm,

    I believe shifting to a university press makes a good deal of difference--at least I am finding it so. Much more work to get reviews. Mercer has not sent ARCs in the past, so Phil would have missed the early pre-pub reviews. I've just done my first university press novel with them (won their fiction contest), and I am finding that the lack of helpful starred reviews at PW and Booklist is a difficulty. They are obtaining a new marketing director, so that may change...

  12. P. S. Thank you for reviewing! I am about to go out of town for a conference but will take a look... Just keep talking it up. But it takes a lot of talk to make a dent in the world!


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