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Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Still and Green Moon

Oneonta artist Yolanda Sharpe recently had a major watercolor in "Watercolor Revisited: A New Perspective," curated by Linda Mendelson. The show just closed at the James Pearson Duffy Gallery at Wayne State University.  In case you were not in Detroit, here is a look through the eyes of photographer Gilda Snowden.  Lush, playful in its dance between realism and abstraction, drenched in color, it is "Still and Green Moon" (2011.)

Yolanda is quite well known in Cooperstown because she attends Christ Church (yes, the one that James Fenimore Cooper tinkered with and turned into a little Gothic treasure box) and often is soprano soloist there; she also has sung locally in the Glimmerglass Opera chorus, and has performed in recital in the U. S. and abroad.. She recently came back from a Fulbright fellowship to Siberia, and she has just finished up more than a decade as chairman of the SUNY-Oneonta art department, where she was a great leader, establishing a foundry and much more for her department. (Did I say she also writes poetry? Can we all take our toys and go home now?)


  1. You've got an impressive neighbor! I love these flowers, which appear to be growing right off the wall.

  2. Marly, Marly! I wish I had the do-re-mi to hire you to spread the word on what I call myself trying to do! Thank you for posting remnants of this wonderful watercolor exhibit in you blog. Linda Mendelson, the curator, will be very pleased indeed.


  3. Miss Yoyo,

    You will bounce around quite nicely without a bit of help from me!


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