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Monday, October 10, 2011


Still hunkered down...

I have finished the final burnish on Thaliad, an epic poem forthcoming from Phoenicia Publishing (Montreal) in January. And I have cranked through 100 pages of proofs so far on A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage (Mercer University Press, The Ferrol Sams Award for Fiction,) forthcoming in March. Despite some ferrying days, I am hoping to finish all before the end of the week.

Glad to see that the post-tracker shows that visitors are still wandering by and checking out older posts.  Although I try to  pay e-visits to those who drop by and leave comments, I will put off all such visit visits until I finish my deadlines.


  1. Hi Marly. Glad to hear things are coming along!

  2. Hey, looking forward to the novel! Although I have some others of yours to get to first.

  3. Hi Robert--

    I am looking forward to being finished with that novel! Soon.

    Just got back from Bard. It was my daughter's birthday, so we celebrated on the way back by stopping so she could eat sushi and eels. Each to his own!


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