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Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Wales Album: visiting Meri Wells, part four

Meri Wells by the fireplace.

Clive Hicks-Jenkins with a Meri Wells friend.

The gallery by night...

Leaving Meri Wells
Welsh poppies by star- and porch-light.
And when I return to Ty Isaf,
a Meri Wells "bishop"
stands by my bed.
Meri Wells is everywhere at Ty Isaf.
Here's the guardian of the paddock...

...or else the guardian of the garden below.


  1. Just marvelous, like protective spirits all around!

  2. Wonderful. Seems like a totally magical place.

  3. Going to the house gives you the sense of another world--because it is so profusely populated by beings strange enough to give that sense but human enough to be believable. And they're part of the landscape, as if not entirely made but grown there.

  4. Meri has magic flowing through her veins. i see it in her eyes.

  5. Interesting how "magic" is the word that comes up most often in connection with her...


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