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Monday, June 20, 2011

Praise for "The Throne of Psyche": Kim Bridgford

When I think of Marly Youmans’ work, the word that comes to mind is “magic.” By this, I mean not only her language, but her evocation of mystery. Youmans’ poems always seem utterly new and startlingly familiar. Moreover, she has admirable range in terms of subject matter and tone. While I tend to favor her poems about the mythological, Youmans shows astonishing skill, whatever the subject. She is a poet working at the height of her powers.

          Kim Bridgford, editor, Mezzo Cammin
          Director, West Chester University Poetry Conference

The Throne of Psyche (Mercer University Press, 2011)


  1. I couldn't have said it better!

  2. "utterly new and startlingly familiar"

    Yes! All the praise is richly deserved.

  3. Oh, that is sweet! Thanks, Lucy and zephyr!

  4. Well deserved praise. Let it spread wide and far.

  5. Off to the dentist with no. 3 child... Thanks, Robbi. I still believe in word of mouth (and word-of-web!)

  6. Brava, the poet praised! Long may she continue to enrich all our lives. Vivat Marly!

  7. Hello, Clive--

    Hope the busy-ness has slowed! This morning we are all 8th grade graduation breakfast and practice, orthodontist, playdate, etc. A slightly unusual madness...

    And thanks!

  8. The busy-ness is still keeping me running Marly. (You too by the sound of things!) Plenty of commitments at the Library with gallery talks, student groups etc. And at home I'm trying to get back into the daily habit of drawing and painting, because the deadlines are fast approaching!


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