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Sunday, June 05, 2011

This week, Mezzo Cammin twice--

The new issue of "Mezzo Cammin" is up--
work by Taylor Jillian Altman, Sarah Busse,
Nicole Caruso Garcia, Brittany Hill, Lisa Huffaker,
 Jean Kreiling, Barbara Loots, Charlotte Mandel,
Annabelle Moseley, Angela Alaimo O'Donnell,
Ann Walker Phillips, Carolyn Raphael, Hollins Robbins,
Catherine Tufariello, Doris Watts, Joyce Wilson,
and Marly Youmans.
As ever, I am the little red caboose.

Below are some 3-line tastes of my poems from the just-posted issue of Mezzo Cammin, edited by poet Kim Bridgford. I hope you are enticed enough to go read the rest--mine and all the other poems! My four poems are from The Book of the Red King, and there are other of my Red King poems elsewhere on the site.

Coming up next: I will be reading at the West Chester Poetry Conference with Mezzo Cammin on Friday morning. Information and listed readers are under the excerpts. Hope to see some early risers there!

The Rose of Laughter, Laughter of the Rose

The cats are tucked in the sphinx position.
The Fool kneels down to imitate the cats.

His hat, a black-and-white boy-balzo, rolls

The Grail

The Fool knows better. He knows all the things
The world says. He knows every rippling field
And every shower of orchard petals

The Fool and the Sublime

And when the Red King sings on top the tower called the Spear
While the full moon, delicate and bright and ringed with rainbow,
Rises like a vast soap bubble over the chimney pots

The Red King's Blossom-Tide

The Red King's orchard-close is blossoming,
And fragrance reaches as far as ships at sea
And regions of the far barbarians.

Friday, June 10, 2011
8:15-9:45 a.m.
PANEL 9: Mezzo Cammin Fifth-Anniversary Reading

Kim Bridgford (Chair)
Rhina Espaillat
Julie Kane
Leslie Monsour
Annabelle Moseley
Marly Youmans


  1. Thanks! Lots of scribbling back and forth to people I hope to meet is going on.

  2. I am so useless : (

    I couldn't find these in Mezzo Cammin - but I read them here, instead!

    Enjoy the readings! (Others will too!)

  3. What? You just go to and then click where it says "POETRY" just under the dome-shaped image.


    These are just the first three lines, of course. A piece of a poem is like a piece of a shoe--won't take you very far.

  4. Thank you, Marly!
    I did go to the main page yesterday and clicked on your poetry - but these did not show then!
    I have no idea why. Could older poetry have come up instead? Today, it all works. I so love the Red King works!

  5. Oh, I am glad you found them--if you searched on my name and "Mezzo Cammin," another issue might have come up. It's my favorite place to send. I like Kim Bridgford and how she thinks.

    Cheerful to hear you liked them on this horrible morning with more 1808house horrors!


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