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Saturday, June 11, 2011

The House of Words: the Annex

June 12, I amend my life:
I have been rather naughty
and shown Gary Dietz in playful moments:
this is actually what he looks like.
He rarely looks as he did
in the "Attack of the Killer Inbox"
photo or the button-eye "Elluminate"
photo. Rarely. Honest.
Those of you who came by earlier
were dratted lucky to see them.

I am fresh back from the West Chester poetry conference (more about that later, when I am genuinely "fresh") and thinking about The House of Words again. This time I'm linking to an article by my former student Gary Dietz (the era when I taught is so very long ago that he is quite, quite grown up, a sparkling outside-the-box marketer and a marvelous single dad of Alexander) on his As you can see from the photographs pilfered from his facebook page, Gary has not lost his sense of fun. So take a giant step over there to read his "Middleman be gone!" article.

If you have been following The House of Words, you may be rather amused by his summation of it! And he has a challenge for those of us making art in the 21st century...


  1. oh geeze when I saw that pic attack of the killer inbox I really did laugh out loud. He seems fabulous.

  2. I agree with Gary absolutely!
    If you don't want to market your art and have no need to. Don't.
    If you want to, then learn how to or get someone else to do so for/with you. If you choose that route, do it well.
    Gary covered everything! AND we get visuals that make us smile : D
    What's not to like? !!
    (Off now to go and read more there!)

  3. Marly: "Quite, quite grown up" ??? I have aged perhaps, but grown up?

    Susanna: I assure you I am 87% fabulous (not quite in the Ru Paul way, but in my own inimitable fabulousness). The other 13% you'll have to guess. Oh, and my son saw your picture and now he wants to skype with you. I can't say I blame him. (No worries this is no "wiener-gate social media faux pas," just an 11 year old who likes your smile).

    Paul: Having you agree with me is an affirmation to me that all is good and well in the world and that the 13% of me that is not fabulous is not insane.


  4. Paul,

    There is a lot more to read (and listen to) on my web site than on my blog at this point...

    For some reason my blogroll disappeared so there is no link back to my main web site



  5. 1. He is fabulous.

    2. Okay, he is not grown up. He is deceptive and sneaky: he is still a child, though he has fewer armies of hairs marching over his smart skull.

    3. Alexander would love to skype with Susanna. Susanna is a wonderful character, and I'm always thinking that I ought to write something in her voice--but she has already done it (that is, her blog is a riot of emotions and events.)

    4. I need to put that website on my page, don't I?

  6. Huh, Blogger keeps messing around with my comments...bad Blogger!

    Very funny photos! I think marketing is okay as long as it has class. The trouble is a lot of it these days seems to be dependent on tricks, loud voices and shenanigans which I don't much like.

  7. Yes, he did somewhat object that I had chosen silly ones, but I think these are loveable! And everybody likes them...

    I agree--the part I really hate is the way people use some physical or mental disability or dramatic misfortune as a "hook." I dislike it particularly when an artist's child is used to draw attention.

  8. Hi,

    I am not really marketing myself and my brand with these specific photos - they are from private facebook postings (ahem, Marly) - but it just goes to show that once on the Internet all is fair game. And no, don't take them down Marly.

    For a better reflection of how I present myself to clients and customers (in addition to these here blog comments) see my web page by clicking on my name above.

    Finally, "marketing" has as many definitions as "poetry" (or as few depending on your perspective). I define marketing as the relationship between creator and consumer. "Marketing" can be cheesy, but so can "poetry" :-)



  9. One point taken,
    two points taken!

  10. Oh.. the original photos here were so funny and friendly - but this one is very honest too.
    Many sides to a personality, and that is very good!

    Sometimes the most effective elements of our personalities are invisible to us : )

    I did go to immediately : )

    There's a lot there too, and definitely worth a look, folks!

  11. Gary,

    I am sitting at my computer after a trip catching up on stuff and smiling from ear to ear after reading this.

    I will have to read your article and catch up on all that is Gary Dietz.

  12. Yes, two bright, funny people who like to be silly from time to time!


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