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Monday, June 06, 2011

The Marly Shelf

Up-to-date information about forthcoming books, books in print, books out of print, books that are in the process of coming back into print, and how to order.  "Mid-list" writers have a complicated bibliography with books often going out of print.  (I do have a few copies of some books that I am willing to sell at author rate plus mail costs.) Foreign translations and anthologies excluded.

Available--just out--
at online and independent bookstores.
Mercer University Press, 2012

Division page for the forthcoming collection of poetry,
The Foliate Head. Image by Clive Hicks-Jenkins.


The Foliate Head
(UK: Stanza Press, forthcoming)
Poetry collection.

(Mercer University Press, forthcoming)

(CA: Phoenicia Publishing, forthcoming)
Epic poem.

Maze of Blood
(Mercer University Press, forthcoming)

Catherwood - reprint
(Mercer University Press, forthcoming)

The Throne of Psyche (Mercer University Press, 2011)
Collection of poetry in hardcover or paperback.
Available via your local bookseller
or Amazon and other online sellers.
Want to cast a vote of confidence?
If you have an interest in the work
of that scribbling personage, Marly Youmans, this
and A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage
and the following book are the most important
to purchase, read, and share at the moment.

Val/Orson (P. S. Publishing, 2009)
Gorgeous cover/jacket from artist Clive Hicks-Jenkins.
Two editions available from P. S. Publishing.

Ingledove (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2005)
Paperback reprint: Penguin/Firebird edition.
The book is currently out of print,
though I have now received my reversion of rights,
needed for any reprint.

Claire (Louisiana State University, 2003)
Poetry collection in hardcover and paperback.
Out of print. These poems won't surface again
until there is a book of selected poems.
Some are on the blog.

The Curse of the Raven Mocker (Farrar, Straus and Giroux, 2003)
Jacket by artist Steve Cieslawski.
Paperback reprint: Penguin/Firebird,
with a cover by Renato Alarcão. Out of print. Occasionally available in stores,
more likely to be found at, etc.
I have recently obtained my reversion of rights,
needed for reprint.

The Wolf Pit (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 2001)
Paperback reprint: Harcourt (the cover shown here).
Out of print. My 9-11 book, reviewed well
but a child with bad timing!

Catherwood (Farrar, Straus & Giroux, 1996)
Paperback:  Bard imprint.
I've been asked many times why this book is not in  print.
It will be reprinted by Mercer University Press.

Little Jordan (David R. Godine, Publisher, 1995)'
(The paperback reprint in the Tempest imprint
was a "crossover" book that marketed to young adults.)
This little book, beautifully published
by Godine, is stilll available on the Godine website
and in stores. Amazing. Thank you, David R. Godine and co.!


  1. Hi Gary--

    Must pop by and see what you are doing now...

  2. Marly the travelin' woman,

    If you must know -- and it may bore the artistes amongst us (as it sometimes does even me) -- I have just quietly announced my first independent technical book.

    I've got an editor hired, a book designer hired (not artsy - but pragmatic - using Framemaker) and pushing Createspace to its limits.

    I'll be moving into more intense marketing in the coming weeks to my target audience and hopefully have this puppy out by mid-August. or my main webby mcsite below.

    In addition I owe you some work for house of words, but I am trying to also get some consulting gigs to pay the bills so the bricks I owe to this house are still queued behind the kiln waiting to be fired.

    Oh, and the company selling the domain wanted WAY too much so I didn't buy it.


  3. Worry not! "The House of Words" is never done... It will still be here.

    Hey, the book ad looks good, and I even can grasp what it is about.

    The artists definitely need to think about practical things. Especially after a day in the cellar...

  4. Glad you didn't buy it! Our heads are full of words that can go together in interesting ways, for free...

  5. You've got some gorgeous covers (and the insides are pretty wonderful too!), but my favourites are Ingledove and Val/Orsen.

    Congratulations on the new 'uns too!

  6. Thanks, Clare! Yes, those are beauteous covers/jackets, and Renato Alarcao also did a nice cover for the "Raven Mocker" paperback edition to match the one you like for "Ingledove." I have the originals for the Clive Hicks-Jenkins acrylic for "Val/Orson" and the Steve Cieslawski oil for the "Raven Mocker," and they both give me a lot of joy.


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