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Sunday, June 05, 2011

Wales Album: Stairs to other realms

Up to the tiptop of Ty Isaf
and the studio of Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Aberystwyth flower steps.

The pheasants take the stairs at Ty Issaf.

Steps to Jack's world.
"Throw my frisbee?"

From garden lawn to paddock, past a Meri Wells tutelary spirit.
At Ty Isaf.

Castell Powis stairs.

Peacocks take and fan the stairs at Castell Powis.


  1. Funny to click here and see Tiberius, who right now I can hear outside as he calls to his wives, and Jack with his frisbee, who is napping contentedly by my side. My animals have website lives!

  2. Great pictures, Marly! I especially like the Steps to Jack's world and the Castell Powis stairs.

  3. I too am enjoying these photographs. The garden steps all look to be created specifically - which is something I like a lot!
    Why do all the stairs lead up....

  4. Clive,

    Wish I had caught Tiberius on the stairs with harem!


    Go to Jack's world, and you can watch the rooks sailing...


    Beware of the steps that lead down, down, down! I guess we are looking where we are going rather than backward, behind, down.

  5. Claire,
    I feel the same way. What is Tiberius?
    What heaven it would be to live in such a beautiful place!

  6. Tiberius is the he-pheasant. He has she-pheasans, and they have progeny.

    Yes, very tempting to stay and be Cinderash at Ty Isaf.

  7. Flower and peacock steps, please?? I love your photos!

  8. Yes, I want all of them! Flower steps for my front door, peacock steps at the back. Flannery O'Connor had the peacock steps... why not us?

    Thanks, Hannah!


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