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Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wales Album: roofs above Cardigan Bay

Gorse, Aberystwyth roofs and chimney pots, Cardigan Bay.

A glimpse of the roofline of The National Library of Wales,
where the Clive Hicks-Jenkins retrospective
in housed in The Gregynog Galley.

Aberystwyth roofs stepping down, down, down
to Cardigan Bay, with a view of the ring fort hill.

The ring fort again, and Cardigan Bay only a faint smudge.


  1. So much stone, and brick, and tile! Oh-so-green grass and big skies and the sea!

    This has to be Wales!
    Wonderfully caught, Marly!

  2. It's that hill-fort again. Sometime I'm surprised that the fairies didn't steal you away to be their poet-under-the-hill. If they had I would have gone up there every day to whisper to you beneath the turf!

  3. I think "gorse" is one of the funniest plant words/names. suppose I should look up its etymology.

    I like your "postcards"

  4. Clive,

    I am nothing if not determined. Hill fort or bust!

    Did have my eye out for strange beings but saw none on my walk to the hill fort save a white horse and a brown horse on the path. And Dave Bonta, of course... ;-)


    Thanks! Very surprising how many gorse variations there are. And sometimes they really take over a hill and look like a strange pelt.

  5. Great. Now I'm pining. Again.

  6. I would also love to go. I'm wishing I could go on a trip, but afraid to spend the money now.

  7. It is a lot farther from Robbi to Wales than from Robin to Wales!

  8. I've been working on the wings for years...nearly there.


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