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Thursday, June 02, 2011

At Ceinws / Watermark

Pot-holes near the gorge, Ceinws,Wales.


This is what the world
will look like

when all the water leaves.

Cracked blue tempera in a yellow styrofoam
egg carton.

Our mouths will fill with gravel

and we will learn to speak
in stones.

--Clayton T. Michaels, WATERMARK,
published by qarrtsiluni in collaboration
with Phoenicia Publishing, Montreal.
Winner, 2010 qarrtsiluni chapbook contest.
This year's contest closes June 15.
Judge: Louisa A. Igloria

Sheer abandon: after usefulness, Ceinws.

untitled #19

We never truly fill
the holes--
                we just
learn to live around them,
while the empty
resonates like jade.
Clear and cold.

Strike it right
it almost rings forever.

--Clayton Michaels, WATERMARK

Welsh stoniness, Ceinws.


  1. I'm thinking the left side of that third picture ought to be the top...

  2. Yes, and that the first picture is a skull, a very large one, buried under the ground, with the eye holes filled with stones.

  3. Makes sense to me!

    And I think I will trying turning that one around when I have a minute more...

  4. Nice use of Clayton's poems! It might be worth noting that we are currently soliciting submissions to our third poetry chapbook contest, with LuisaIgloria as judge -- deadline June 15.

  5. Oh, thanks! (The first line's link is malformed, though.)

  6. Oh, phoo! I was about to run out the door. Shall check it now.


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