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Friday, June 03, 2011

May glimpse: the shade garden

When I got home from Wales, the Virginia bluebells and the uvularia were already fading, but trillium and ginger (those little brown jugs!) and some of the dwarf iris, false and true Solomon's seals, celandine poppies, bleeding hearts (white or pink-and-white), and more were in bloom.

My friend Clive has asked me so many times in the past for glimpses of my garden, and at last I shall satisfy him and anybody else who wants a peek. The guilt was quite useful; no doubt it was what prevented me from doing fourteen loads of laundry this morning. But now I shall go upstairs, away from words and flowers and be dutiful. Have a ramble in my garden while I'm gone.

And if you feel like a wrangle with arts and culture, move on down to the previous post. We need brains at work!


  1. FOURTEEN LOADS!!! Please say you're joking. FOURTEEN?

    Your Cooperstown garden is looking lush and green, where ours is now way beyond lush and into drought. Our poppies are drooping.

    Thank you for showing the photographs. I can hardly believe you've finally buckled down to take some pics and post them here. I've been asking for ever. Now I want some views, so that I can get an overall idea of the scheme.

  2. live,

    CMaybe I'll send you some in a letter. Too mortifying at the moment. Right now I'd have to weed some barrow-loads to post pictures! It all got ahead of me while I was gone.

    14 is just three people. The older two must do their own. But it includes a big messy camping trip, alas. Somehow the remains had been stowed in a corner instead of getting washed. Oh. Well.

    We've had tons of rain. Mildew rather than drought will be our problem soon. I went on a hike with water sandals--they were sluiced thoroughly before I made it through all the pools and puddles.

    We had a nice hot day two days ago, and I perked right up (I am not a poppy but a Southern heat-seeking magnolia.) Now we're back to cold and windy, gusts blowing through the house and people banging down the windows.

    Finally! Yes.

  3. Oops, sorry--the Toshiba up to tricks again, liveC!

    And, oh, yes, it is 14. Alas.

    14 mounds in my bedroom and bath, singing my name in dirty little voices.

    I'm a bit behind in everything...

  4. Oh, how lovely!
    And yes! i'm very proud of you!!

  5. Glad you liked my little shade garden, zephyr--you're the garden nut, after all!

  6. you have some beautiful plant specimens. The word lush fits it perfectly.

    Your trillium pics are great. Its so hard to get a good pic of that plant. My neighbor is like a trillium expert and has made it his goal to get a pic of every known variety. Its pretty wild. here is his site

  7. I'll have to mention him to my mother. She has jillions of wildflower photographs and grows wildflowers from seed (lucky me!) and so on.

  8. How beautiful! Though I admire gardens I do not have the discipline or patience to grow one. Aquariums are one thing, gardens another!

  9. 14 loads of laundry also staggers me, even though I wash my towels after each use.

  10. Robbi,

    Now that you have a house of your own, you might fall into it!

    Here I am trying to grasp NYS tax law... should go out and dig in the dirt instead.

  11. I don't, but I just have a lot of laundry with a family of five and one that does a lot of sports and two that camp a lot. Though I don't do clothes for the older two, other things seem to slip in. The sneaks!

  12. I might fall into the wash? The aquarium? Actually, in this small place, which is mostly windows, full of light, there is no room for an aquarium, unfortunately.

  13. Whew, I've had a several rambles through the last, this and next posts and feel like I'm swept along by a whirlwind of energy called Marly! I'm awed as always, and quite speechless by the bounty you share.

  14. marja-leena,

    You are defintely way, way, way too kind. My upstairs is wreckish, my back yard is wreckish, I still haven't gotten my Corolla worked on after the great forest mouse invasion, I'm not back in my writing groove yet, etc.!


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