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Tuesday, April 01, 2014

Up in the writing room--

Mary Boxley Bullington, Avian Adventures
over a Barbarous Land
. Acrylic and mixed
collage, 22" x 22 1/2". Available.
If you don't know her work, go find her

on facebook. Mary's work is fluent and powered. 
by a great sluice of passion. I recommend it!
Labyrinthine tangles, or what's coming up in the writing room--

Although I have had Maze of Blood at the publishers for a year or two, accepted as was, I nevertheless got the wild wire to revised it and change the order around entirely. This is clearly madness but is now underway. We (me and my mad alter ego) hope it is a fruitful madness. I am going to spend some time getting my drifts of manuscripts into order this year. I have been saying that I would tweak The Aerenghast Game (a children's 3-in-1 novel) and send it out for some years, and I am now saying it again. Also, I must send out The Book of the Red King, which has been sitting around, retting in a flax pond, and needs only a mild scutching and hackling, or swingling, or something. Then I have to get some of these untidy heaps of poems in some kind of order. Best of all, I have an idea for a novel that I am just a wee bit nuts about--if I can only find time (or a maid and secretary, plus a chauffeur for child no. 3. Don't all volunteer at once--stampedes can be dangerous.)

Mary Boxley Bullington, Come Dog Days, Snake
Makes his Get-Away.
Acrylic, gesso, India
ink on 
paper, 19" x 22." All paintings 

shown here are available for purchase... 
Glimmerglass, trala,
is next up on the publication schedule. Please check out the tab above. The muse. The house in the hill. Labyrinths. Somnium. Love and dangers. And more art by Clive Hicks-Jenkins. Of course!

Note to moguls, moles, gulls, etc.--

You know, having the teensiest little fannish mention in Entertainment Weekly really moved some books--some out of print books, that is, particularly Catherwood and the two Adantis books. What I'd really like is for all you Hollywood types with bags of money to go purchase some of my in-print books. They make grand gifts. Y'all hear? That means the books on the tabs above that say 2011 or 2012... People who like to fantasize about such things tell me that A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage and Thaliad would make great movies. I'm always surprised when they say it about Thaliad because it's a long blank verse adventure! That's like making something like--oh, I don't know--Beowulf into a movie. Only with more adventures and female roles. I don't ever fantasize about anything happening to my books because that way leads an unpleasant kind of madness (as opposed to a Maze-of-Blood-retweaking kind of madness!) P. S. You never know, a lyric poem or narrative might be a good movie--better pick up The Foliate Head and The Throne of Psyche while you're at it!  (✿◠‿◠)

Mary Boxley Bullington, Only Last April.
Acrylic, gesso, oil pastel, India ink,
and collage on rag paper,
22" x 22." Available for purchase.

My reading

I've been very busy and so am listening to some books this week, which I find is a challenge--I'm too used to being able to back up a paragraph and reread... But in this pellmell way I have just finished Chesterton's A Short History of England and am now listening to Ruskin's Lectures on Landscape.

April Fool's Day

No tricks this year--I am my own April Fool, and the closest I come here is the fantastic idea of moguls reading my blog! Happy day, all who tilt--as I do--with their own foolishness.

Mary Boxley Bullington, open studio day, Roanoke


  1. Replies
    1. Sweet of you to say, Mary, but I'm not deserving of one, alas!

  2. Laugh at madness, and tilt onward, Dona Quixote!

    1. I do prefer the jolly variety of madness, thanks!

  3. How amazingly well Mary's colourful work illustrates your madcapness! I wish I had that energy, even without kids to look after and chauffeur :-)

    1. I wish that I had more! I suppose that we all wish it as we grow older... But we shall just have to be more canny when we have less energy...

    2. p. s. And if you ever want to share something here (as Mary did), please do!

  4. Oh thanks, Marly! I wasn't fishing you know. I'd be delighted to if you wish to choose something whenever it suits you.

    1. Shall think about an appropriate match-up, then... With somebody like Mary, whom I've known for (yikes!) many decades, since I was a teen (more yikes), featuring her is one of those happenings where one can hardly recall how it first happened.

      But I'm no less interested in the work of newer friends--just probably feel less clear about whether they'd like something like to appear on my blog or not! So yes, let's do it. I'll keep it in mind and think about something congruent...


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