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Saturday, April 12, 2014

Dear friends and readers of The Palace at 2:00 a.m.,

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I have just this instant started something new, and I hope you will follow me. I've signed up for a "creator account" at patreon. If you do sign up as a patron, know that a great deal of the work I post will be free, and that there will be some one-dollar posts of stories and groups of poems, maybe occasionally a chapter of a forthcoming book. (I will not be doing the kickstarter-style monthly support fees.) You are not required to commit to the dollar posts in order to sign on and follow the site, but I will be posting some patron-posts that are small short stories in the very near future.
I'm looking forward to the experiment and hoping that it may help to expand my readership. I will leave a notice here whenever I post something at patreon, whether free or not. Hope you will support me by your presence there!

Good cheer and watch out for dystopian futures,

P. S. First post: here.

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  1. Thanks to Robbi Nester and Paul Digby for being the ice-breakers at patreon!


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