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Saturday, April 19, 2014

Resurrection light

This oil by Bramantino (1455-1536) portrays
an unearthly Jesus who has passed through agony
and the realm of death. He is the man who bears
the marks of suffering on body and in face,
and is also the Christ of the Trinity. Silvery,
transfigured shroud, moon-luminous skin,
and sorrowful eyes--the eyes have seen all.
Below the right hand is the abyss of death.
Behind, a  ship's mast reminds the viewer
of Golgotha's cross and also of imminent departure.
In the sky is a moon, which I fancy
looks rather like the eucharistic host,
a reminder that the resurrection of Christ
remains in the mortal world after the Ascension.
Via Wikipedia, public domain.

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