Thursday, October 24, 2013

Amusing my muse--

Clive Hicks-Jenkins, interior art for Thaliad
Update: Oops! Full Inverarity review is here. Thanks to Beth for alerting me on facebook. Also, thanks to painter and poet Mary Boxley Bullington for adding a Thaliad reader review to the wonderful reviews at Amazon.

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I was pleased to learn of Inverarity's just-up review of Thaliad. Not because it's a shiny, stellar review--which it is--but because Inverarity made me laugh with pleasure at my choices and my muse!

I won't quote from the part that made me laugh, as it's more fun to read in context. But here is the conclusion, also amusing:
Verdict: I loved this. Who the hell writes a post-apocalyptic YA novella in blank verse? Obviously, someone inspired by a non-commercial muse. Thaliad is beautiful and touching and deserves a wider audience. Highly recommended!
But the whole thing is smart and funny and a useful read if you're considering whether to snare a Thaliad of your very own.
This is a brilliant and imaginative work. It's a writer stretching and doing something creative and different. And Youmans is poet enough to pull it off beautifully.
Like Midori Snyder's review, it looks at the book through a YA lens. I didn't intend the book for a YA audience alone, but if it finds both young people and grown-up readers of poetry, so much the better.


  1. So glad that twitterians and facebookians tell you (endlessly, sometimes!) when you make a goof...

  2. Thank you, Mr. Jones! Need to go by and see what's up with you and your muse... After I get child no. 3 on the bus... Though I think we're about to miss, alas!


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