Monday, October 07, 2013

Shutdown, wrap up--

Photo of The Gates by Christo and Jeanne Claude is
by Brandon Keim of NYC. Courtesy of
Impressed by Christo and Jeanne Claude? Liked the mystery and boldness of the wrapped Pont Neuf and the Surrounded Islands and Wrapped Medieval Tower, the Wrapped Roman Wall and the Wrapped Reichstag?

And now just take a look at all our 2013 Shutdown Simultaneously Wrapped National Monuments, the greatest national art project in the history of art-wrappings! Why, our government even brings in elderly veterans in wheelchairs to tilt and invade and overwhelm as part of this magical art story . . .


  1. You do not have a 'like' button on your blog so I have to use my own original words. For shame.

    Anyways, likey like like, while I sit here drinking tea in front of the laptop this morning.

  2. Alisa, do not spill your tea!

    I like your words...

    Shall come see what you are doing after I hit the current deadline.

  3. I am rusticating. Bash those deadlines, watch them fall before your swift sword. Uh, pen.

  4. Rusticating? How lovely!

    Don't know why, but I have had trouble with desires for frivolity! But I think that's because I'm overwhelmed with non-frivolity, including funerals and a friend in hospital here.

    Hence I am responding to you... To the grindstone!


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