Wednesday, October 30, 2013

A fire was in my head--

Clive Hicks-Jenkins
for The Foliate Head, poetry from
UK: Stanza Press, 2012
Listening to Mike Scott and the Waterboys and An Appointment with Mr. Yeats after writing the opening chapter--the warning chapter--to a very odd story...

Looks as if it might be described as a cross between two very different forms, one being a novel and the other being . . . eh, later!

I didn't mean to start anything new in fiction until I had finished going over The Book of the Red King poems and fooled with my out-in-2015 novel a bit more. I had the idea of changing the ending, even though it has been on the publisher's desk for a long time. And I wanted to tinker with the children's novel that has been lying around for entirely too long.

And I certainly didn't want to begin anything in prose until after I visited classes at Wofford College in South Carolina and did a reading at Hub City in November.

But perhaps I have fallen into something new after all. Or perhaps it will wander away . . . And that's all I shall say because you know (if you don't know, see left column) I AM SECRET.

"Come away, come away!"


  1. ideas just wander in most inconveniently, Marly!
    Leash this one, just in case, and reel it in again if it tries to wander off!

    pespsc 110

  2. I'll have to print out those pages, or it may wander away entirely...

  3. William Wallace Tabbot1:25 AM, October 31, 2013

    Marly... Remind me what day and time you will be at Wofford College & Hub City Book Shop in Spartanburg...

    I checked Hub City's website only to see all their upcoming events with no mention of you... I wanted to check with you first to be sure that you are still planning to come before I vociferously chastise my hometown "Snub City" folks! :) I had so been looking forward to seeing them promote you along with all the other authors but to no avail...

    I believe in "sticking up" for family no matter how distant... :)

    Looking forward to seeing you in Spartanburg in November... Just let me know the particulars...

    Your annoying cousin,


  4. Thanks! I had not looked and am glad you did. I'll also mention it to Jeremy Jones.

    Yes, I think it is the 13th-14th that I'll be in town. Or it might be the 12th-13th. Slightly confused.


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