Monday, October 07, 2013

The Glimmerglass News

Clive is busy transforming the world of Glimmerglass.
Clive Hicks-Jenkins + Glimmerglass

If you'd like to see how the cover is progressing, go here. That's the second peep at what Clive is doing with Glimmerglass, forthcoming from Mercer in 2014.

Me + Glimmerglass

The book has been sitting at the publisher's for a very long time, waiting its turn. And so I decided to tweak it once more and have promised to give it right back. So that is what I am doing, along with many other things that keep stopping me. But it'll be back in...

Others + Glimmerglass

As two people asked to read the book in manuscript, I asked them for blurbs. So that's poet Jeffery Beam and editor John Wilson. And I've also asked Margo Lanagan. Three just might be enough... I'll be posting them soon. Clive has already posted most of Jeffery's long comments here.

And other books

If you like the looks of this early progress, please take a look at some of the other books Clive and I have worked on. Most recently, that means two poetry books--Thaliad from Phoenicia and The Foliate Head from Stanza Press (UK.) The Throne of Psyche (Mercer) also has a Clive cover, as a detail from one of his paintings is the jacket and cover image. And as we set out with a new book, I don't want to forget my other recent paper children, particularly these three and the novel, A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage, also from Mercer (The Ferrol Sams Award; Silver Award, ForeWord Book of the Year Awards.) Please click on the tabs above for more information.


  1. The minotaur is amazing! It must be wonderful to work with such a talented artist. I could say the same thing to Clive.

    I just discovered that you have a wikipedia page. You are wikifamous.

  2. Hi Scott--

    Still scouring like mad here. (Of course, it was fine as it was, but...)

    Yes, it is wonderful. Somehow I have collected a lot of painter friends, but Clive is the one I work with, mostly. Oh, and thank you for the compliment--took me a second read to get it, as I am being hasty today.

    Wikifamous! That's a silly term! When you get a page, you'll find that people are allowed to say things about you whether they know anything or not. Then they argue if you try and correct them. So it's a curious thing. It's like a committee of strangers writing a biography most of the time. A friend in the UK added some information (he didn't tell me but I later saw the additions and guessed who it was--nothing like the fingerprint of style), and gave me a funny account of his struggle with the Wikipedians.

    Back to work!


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