Saturday, October 26, 2013

Glimmerglass and Clive Hicks-Jenkins

Clive's first preparatory studies for the cover of my novel Glimmerglass are, as ever, fascinating and lovely. He is planning on a Tree of Life for the cover, with lots of flora and fauna. The minotaur will be on the back with some more vegetation circling a panel for the blurbs.

The jacket/cover will be just as beautiful as the those for my Thaliad and The Foliate Head, and the book will also contain some interior art, just as those did. (This will be our fifth jacket/cover, as The Throne of Psyche uses a detail from one of his paintings for the cover, and Clive made a gorgeous painting for Val/Orson. The latter was a limited edition and is now sold out.) For links to and images of our work together, see tabs above.

Progress so far:
First images and thoughts on the cover.
First color.


  1. I'm enjoying the evolution of your cover. Not my preferred cover style at all, yet lovely.

  2. Oh, I do judge a book by its cover, and those by Clive are stunning. A great marriage of images and words.

  3. Lee,

    Clive is adept at cover-designing, and I expect the tree of life will win a lot of stares! Each figurative part won't be as large as it might seem here.


    The things he has said in notes about his thinking on the cover are very interesting; I expect he'll post that sort of thing some time. Yes, I love them, and they are a great tribute to friendship and collaboration as well.

  4. How beautiful! I adore all of these beasts, in technicolor, and hope they attract the very best sort of readers to your book, as Clive's work has in the past.

  5. Yes, they are scrumptious! I am looking forward to the process, as with Clive it is always complicated and elaborate... Many beautiful things thrown out along the way...


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