Thursday, October 03, 2013

First peek at Glimmerglass!

You can jump here and look at the notebook of Clive Hicks-Jenkins, a once-blank region where he is now at work populating and decorating my novel Glimmerglass, forthcoming in 2014. Once again, as in Thaliad and The Foliate Head (see tabs above for news), we will have interior vignettes and a beautiful jacket, with immaculate design work done by the team of Burt and Burt for Mercer.

Clive has also let a stray proverbial cat out of its secret bag by including pieces of a blurb from poet Jeffery Beam... So there's an extra bit of fun.

Secrets! Magic! Transformation!

Mr. Common Sense: Well, of course it's a realist novel, isn't it? What's that dragon all about? And that thing without pants?

Miss Imagination: Yes, sure, call it realist. It's about a painter, isn't it? And in what we call the real world. And she begins to see . . .

Mr. Common Sense: No more cats out the bag! Tie that brown paper and calico up in string!

Miss Imagination: Okay, fine! Think you have it your way! But then again, there's no such thing as realism in stories. All paper realms are created second-hand out of words made of air and the stuff of creation, aren't they?

Me; that is, the one called Marly, who is only occasionally fictional: And I just might have borrowed a trick or two from the medieval world...

P. S. Notice that the first time in my life I have been compared to a holy well!


  1. Oh eeeeks! I'm an idiot and I apologise profusely!

    Covered in shame and egg in equal measure.

  2. No, it's fine! I'd wondered when to start using them, anyway...

  3. I'm simply not to be trusted. I should have asked but instead I just romped away on a tidal wave of excitement and enthusiasm. REALLY, this was a hanging offence.

    I'm aghast at myself.

  4. 'Tisn't!

    I love tidal waves (of excitement and enthusiasm.)

    It's fine. Honest! I still love you and plan to come to your next retrospective! XD

  5. Sigh! Well I'm very relieved not to have been sacked!

    Next retrospective? Well that'll be me at 80, if I make it! You can hold me up at it!

  6. Hah! Who would have the nerve?

    We can hold each other up! It will be The Great Doddery Frolic of Wales... I hope we will make it--we have work to do, after all.

  7. True, there is the work to be done. And lots of it!!!

  8. I love this! If I still had my blog, I would share the many collaborations I have had. I suppose all that business with the college put me off of having a blog.Too many negative associations, too much trouble for me to get into.
    But these are wonderful, and the whole thing is thrilling!

  9. Maybe you should start another blog that doesn't post as often and focuses only on collaborations, publications, and events, Robbi...

    Yes, dancing with Clive is always a thrill!

  10. I am quite green with envy at another collabaration for you both, though of course happy and excited for each of you. And looking forward to another magical book with a magical name!

  11. I wish some gallery somewhere would commission all my visual artist friends to collaborate with me! Now that would be amazing...

    Yes, Clive and I have a "book thing" going that is so much fun.

  12. Some years ago, I enjoyed some light-hearted online collaborations with a poet-blogger. Usually he would write a few lines inspired by an image of mine which I'd then apply to the top of the image and submit to a special site. Sometimes I had to respond to the words instead which was more challenging for me. qarrtsiluni even had a 'chapter' like that.

    Since blogging has waned a bit in favour of other media, I'm missing some of these kinds of thoughtful connections.

  13. Oh, I remember you had a piece in that qarrtsiluni issue... Shall have to go look again. I did one for that collaboration issue with Laura Frankstone--a poem about one of her pieces. There's an issue of Yew Journal with pieces by me and Yolanda Sharpe... And I own a painting by Mary Bullington that's inspired by one of the Red King poems.

    Mostly I have collaborated with Clive, though I also did a project with Makoto Fujimura that we hope will be a book some day.

    Then I have a different kind of collaboration with Paul Digby, who has made the poetry videos and written music for them. But I am doing a collaborative event (gallery show) with him and Lynn Digby. It will be poems-paintings-music.

    We'll have to do something together some day! I also want to do something with my friend Ashley... and a few others.

  14. Oh, forgot, I've written some poems for a show by Graham Ward (UK.) It was cancelled but no doubt he'll have another one some day.

    Probably forgetting some more as well...


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