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Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Sundrification, or The Unmade Bed

Today I am starting on my final checks on Thaliad.  I only this afternoon grasped that Beth Adams announced on the Phoenicia Publishing blog that the book will be out "before the holidays," so I need to move quickly. I shall be reading it aloud once to check for sound and to make sure that there are no problems with the sense of the thing, and then I shall sweep through looking for metrical issues.

If you're on facebook you may know this news already since a number of people have been nice enough to share a link already--thanks to Julie Antolick Winters, Laura Murphy Frankstone, Luisa Igloria, Lynn Digby, Dave Bonta, and others. Another video of one of my poems by composer and videographer Paul Digby has gone up on moving, Dave Bonta's "on-going anthology of the best videopoems, animated poems, and other poetry videos from around the web." "In Extremis" is in my new collection, The Throne of Psyche. If you want to leave a comment about that, please leave one there, as I think the anthology a great project, one that takes time and judgment and deserves some appreciation.

Susanna Leberman of I Interview My Visitors fame made a recording of herself reading a poem from The Throne of Psyche on her blog!  I love it when people do this kind of thing.  It really helps to have word of mouth and introduce books to a new set of readers. She made a post on Sunday and another on Monday for The Throne of Psyche.  Thank you, Susanna. You may find the second part of the poem "Southern to the Bone" on her post, Rain is Rain is Rain.

And yes, that is the cat's tongue. She's awfully dumb and awfully sweet, that one.  The other one is smarter but less sweet and bites me around the ankles if I'm not quick enough with the kitty food.


  1. Your cat is all kinds of awesome!!!

  2. Which one? The grumpy one or the stupid one?

  3. I guess I should have said cats, dont want to play favorites but I love the nasty attitude of the tongue sticker outer.

  4. Both cats! But you left off the end of your post! Did the cat get it?
    I don't think it's a "nasty attitude" Susanna. It's just plain dumb. I have a beautiful, vacant eyed snowshoe who offers such expression, and a quick, sometimes ill-tempered little long haired cat who is very bright but a bit nervous and nippy.

  5. Persians are known to be a bit dim, sometimes.

  6. Clive, I guess the Persian's not such a little dummy after all!

  7. Susanna, I had to disappoint, but the blue Persian is the utterly sweet one. She's like a live toy that emits love and has terrible toileting habits.

  8. Robbi,

    Maybe dummydom is catching. Or else blogger is being naughty...

    "Bit dim" is insufficient. Poor little thing. But if she does still have a hole in her heart (I doubt it because they thought she would live a year and she must be around six now), it is simply to emit massive amounts of love.

  9. I was being tactful Marly! My Whistler is a love as well, though not too bright. One could hold him upside down, all 15 or 16 pounds of him, and he would not bite. When we have his teeth cleaned, he doesn't need anesthetic. But I can't manage to brush his teeth myself. He runs away and hides.
    My verification word is funny! "Snalt." Snalt and pepper anyone? Thou snalt not snigger.

  10. Silly!

    Yes, this cat is the same way, just a stuffed toy that has bodily functions and loves. She looks big in the picture but her body is very tiny.

  11. I just had to come back and revisit the kitty sticking his tounge out. I wish I could stick my tounge out at people who annoy me!


  12. Hey Susanna!

    The Puffcat is full of love. She just looks like she's sticking out her tongue! The other one is the grumpy one. Theodora.


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