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Thursday, September 22, 2011

Ink and Wax: Yolanda Sharpe


Yolanda Sharpe has an opening at the Earlville Opera House Gallery on 6:00 p.m. on Saturday, and I hope there will be a good turnout. She is a remarkable person, a local artist who also writes poetry and has sung locally with the Glimmerglass Opera and performed recitals in this country and in Russia (where she was just on a Fulbright Exchange) and who knows where else... The Opera House brochure describes her as intuitively constructing "abstract images through re-invention and improvisation, by combining fragments with attention to geometry and color."

If you want to see more of her encaustic work, I wrote a post about her "Urban Fragments" here. Her website has much more to see:  The image above is view five from her magically folding and unfolding hexaflexagons... (If you would like to see the feature I wrote about another opening featuring an area artist, go here.)

If you are in Earlville-Cooperstown-Oneonta-etc. region, please go! We need to support our local artists and galleries more than we do at present.

"Paintings from the Urban Fragments painting series examines change and flux when urban environments experience loss. Many of the paintings are remembrances, my meditations of Detroit. Some images invoke billboard image remnants, architecture, and the way natural forces impose upon change and neglect. The drawings represent the Foliage and Still Life series that I did in 2008. The work combines refined lyricism with bold marks, and layers of drawing collages."
                                -Yolanda Sharpe


  1. Oh, I wish I were closer to see Yolanda's work in person. I've enjoyed a browse through her excellent website. I love her work, especially the textural encaustics. So good of you, Marly, to show her work here and promote it. Best of luck with the show, Yolanda.

  2. Hi marja-leena,

    I'm sure she will be pleased that you said so! I'll have to tell her to pop by your site and see your work if she hasn't done so already...

  3. Thank you Palace! Thank you royal Marly for posting this wonderful announcement for my show. I just came home a little before 11 pm tonight, and have a sore throat. Yet, I will load up some vehicle to take my work to Earlville tomorrow and hang the show. With your kind words, and generous support, I am sure more than three people will come to the opening. Thanks, so much!


  4. Hi Miss Yo,

    I am expecting trampling, cheese-eating hordes!

  5. Yolanda's work would fire up any art gallery.
    I think this should be a very exciting show and wish I lived closer so I could view it.

    Smashing web-site, Yolanda - and a very nice blog posting, Marly.

    (I love the encaustic work!)

  6. Paul,

    I wish that, too, so I could see you and Lynn on Saturday!

  7. Thanks for introducing me to encaustic art and to Yolanda Sharpe's work. She sounds like a completely amazing person!

  8. Robbi,

    Multi-talented, big-hearted, mystic, wonderfully funny, courageous, opinionated: Yolanda is a great friend to have. I hope her show goes splendidly tonight...

    And I have lost by cybershot and want to take it. Drat! Somewhere between the rainy football game and home. I hope in home, but I can't seem to find it so I can take some pictures of her.

  9. Excellent artwork, thanks for the link to her website

  10. Juliet,

    I'm glad you like what you saw! Evidently tonight with be drawings and paintings...

    Think I'm going over with her, so that will be fun.

  11. Thank you, Marja-leena for your support and interest in my work. I truly appreciate it, and am encouraged because of it.

    Marly made mention of your work. Please let me know what your website is. I'd love to see what you work on.

    Also, thank you Crafty Green Poet, Paul, and Robbi. Thank you all!


  12. Yolanda, thanks for your interest. If you click on my name in Marly's comments, you will see my blog. My latest work can be seen in the 'gallery' and most of my work is under "Print Series". I know it's a little slower to dig around in than a straight website but I hope you will find your way around and enjoy it as much as I did seeing your work. Best in art to you!


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