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Friday, September 02, 2011

New poems at Lucid Rhythms

Somehow I keep forgetting to post links to new poems online. Here are title and openings from two (from The Book of the Red King manuscript) at Lucid Rhythms, edited by that energetic poet, writer, and editor, David W. Landrum.

Just for fun, I'll slap in a few pictures from my family home in Cullowhee, North Carolina.


The Silver Cord

The Fool has no mastery of his mind
But is as helpless as a skittles top,
Reeling drunkenly from mystical

The Yellow Day

The Fool is whittling doors for fairy houses
Lapped in moss and sheathed in silver birch,
While children gather close to watch the knife


  1. Wonderful. These poems bear repeating, and feel already like old old friends.

  2. Thanks, Robbi--

    I may have tweaked them a bit since then... I have been charging about that manuscript, slapping and slashing and so on.

  3. Oh! your beloved cardinal flower!!
    Love seeing all the photos
    and reading more of the dear, dear Fool.

  4. Love the poems, the fool, and your so lovely home! The green lushness actually looks like it could be around here, on the coast of BC.

  5. All the ones I planted here have finally died out, zephyr. Might have to get a new infusion...

    I've decided to send the Fool poems out next spring, so I am underway on the burnishing.

  6. Oops, missed marja-leena--

    Thanks. My mother is a grand gardener and takes good care of her acres.

    The Blue Ridge has been quite water-deprived for years, but it still manages to be green and misty.


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