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Saturday, September 03, 2011

The mirror child reads "The Throne of Psyche"

The Pot Boy makes a tiny film. A Scullery Production.



  1. Thank you very much, Miss Zephyr!

  2. Yes, delightful indeed! Great job!

  3. I accept your adulation with gratitude! Feature film next.

  4. Not up in your league, Mr. Digby, but mine own.

  5. That is the cutest thing! So many creative hands at work on Throne of Psyche. See, Miss Marly, the creativity your words inspire!

  6. There's just no stopping that Pot Boy!

  7. This is my first acquaintance with Mr. Pot Boy. Nice to meet you!

  8. Mr. Hicks-Jenkins,

    Thanks for your kind words of approbation.

    Ms. Lucy,


    Ms. Robbi,

    I have an occasional advice column that has appeared on this very blog from time to time. Persons such as the lovelorn or confused leave questions for me, and I answer them. Everything from culinary matters to affairs of the heart is my domain. As you see, I also dabble elsewhere when I am not busy scrubbing the pots.

    If you go down to the search box and enter my name, you will find that I am a rather important person in these parts, and that I have opined on everything from indiscrete blogging to the wearing of tea cozies aka tea cosies.

  9. Quite darling and clever, but I thought the Pot Boy would recite a selection for us from the volume. Perhaps he is too shy to do so...

    His hugging of the book to his little breast at the end was a tender gesture.

  10. Dear Ms. Elsa Louise,

    I am not the mirror child. The mirror child is "mirrorly" an actor or perhaps an actress--a reflective hermaphrodite. I shall be sure and pass on your good word of his/her acting abilities. And I am glad you found the gesture at the close to be pleasing.

    Read a poem? Well, I was limited in my first experiment to a mere 30 seconds. And unfortunately I am rather repressed at the palace, having a great many pots in the scullery. Such is the way with large castles.

    But I have my little hobbies and secret projects. Besides scrubbing a pot to a great, coppery shine is a great and satisfying joy to me, and it is most definitely not to my mistress.

    I am extremely fond of giving advice (as you can see elsewhere on the blog), but no one has asked an interesting question of me in a long time. It's always, "Why aren't you scrubbing the pots" or "Aren't there any dirty dishes?"

  11. yeah for the Pot Boy! He is welcome to sound off anytime he wants! Rememebr when Susangalique used to summon him from time to time? good times, good times.

    This is so cool Marly. I am going to try and repost it.

  12. Susanna,

    I am quite sure that the Pot Boy has a soft spot in his heart for susangalique.

    Feel free to repost anything relating to The Throne of Psyche. Stick a poem with it if you like.

  13. Susangalique,

    Lovely lady of the hats, I thank you.

  14. Pot Boy,
    I am aware of your existence, though I have not as yet visited those past posts. I will save that for another day.
    But welcome back. I am a little confused though about the mirror child though, and I was also wondering why you didn't read a poem.

  15. susanna reads Marly, make sure I said your name right! I can redo or take it down if I butchered your poetry! IT seemed to fit since it was sucha rainy day with the tropical storm and all.

  16. Shall go see in a second--that was good of you! Sharing is a great deal of help, always, so thanks.


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