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Thursday, September 15, 2011

A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage

Photograph courtesy of
and Kym McLeod of Cann River, Victoria, Australia.
A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage, winner of The Ferrol Sams Award for Fiction at Mercer University Press, is now scheduled to leap into the world in March, 2012.



    Something to look forward to reading, very much!

  2. Thanks, Paul--

    It is, among other things, a strange peek at my roots. I used my grandparent's sharecropper farm and my father's runaway ventures to escape...

  3. Really looking forward to this, Marly...and Congratulations on the award..i'm curious, they give out awards before publication now?

  4. Thanks, Robbi!


    Only when publication is a competition... Then the prize is an advance or non-advance cash plus publication, usually.

  5. Congratulations on the award and the upcoming publication, Marly!

  6. marja-leena,

    Thank you! I am rather curious to see the jacket. With the poetry book, they asked me if I had something I wanted on the jacket and cover... but this will be a surprise.

  7. This'll be such fun to read!!! Congrats, Miss Marly!

  8. i am positive it is wonderfully deserved and am so eager to read it.

  9. Miss Laura,

    I hope so! Pip, poor boy, does not always have a good time, but he does have adventure.


    Thanks for the loyalty--I am very glad of it.

    And now I must go latch the windows because I have gotten a call saying there is "an escaped criminal" in the neighborhood. Whatever that means...

    Oops. Got another call. A soldier held in the Fort Drum brig escaped, acquired weapons, stole a car, and was involved in a high speed chase between Cooperstown and Richfield Springs last night. Chased by dogs and helicopters. So is around, somewhere, now on foot.

    Life. Some people live it up. Or down.

  10. oh wow! excellent!!!!!! contrats!!!!!

  11. I hope the cover surprise is a pleasant one. I don't know what the options would be otherwise. Also hope the neighborhood danger has passed.

  12. Susanna,

    Thanks! Hope all is sufficiently intense and hat-wearing at your house...


    I am sure they will do a good job. They use an outside design team; the same ones who did "The Throne of Psyche" last year.

    My husband stopped for a beer last night after helping at a kids' pool party--and of course a big, dark-haired guy in camouflage sat down beside him! But evidently they have tracked him to somewhere near Dryden, which is toward Ithaca. Don't know how he made it there, poor boy. I hope all ends with no one being hurt, including him. He was not in the brig for something huge, so he has turned what might have gotten him out on parole into something very large. Breaks your heart. A boy-man of 20 can make some poor decisions.


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