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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hunter-gatherer of names--

That's a picture of a tabletop in Cullowhee, North Carolina, with some of my mother's embroidery thread spilled across it and a picture of me in my very early 40's...  The other picture is of her brand new 4-harness loom, threaded to make a chenille scarf for my eldest son.  From this project she learned that she hates working with chenille! But he has an old chenille scarf that he loves, so chenille it is. When I am 82, I hope to be forging ahead with new creations, as she is.

I've collected a list of people who want to hear about my books from facebook and elsewhere, and if you would like to receive a copy but I haven't gathered up your name yet, please leave a note with your e-address or write me an email. I'm having a little spate of new books, starting with The Throne of Psyche, and need all the help passing news on that I can get! I'll be starting a newsletter some time soon--it'll be via email so easily forwarded. I'm also interested in more blog mentions, reviews, features, so forth, so feel free to write me about any of those things as well.


  1. Of course I'll mention you on the blog, but since only about 3 people (including you) read the thing, it might not be the best way to publicize these.

  2. Hah, very funny! Be sure and look at your actual stats (rather than people who comment) because there is a huge difference.

    However, I probably have collected names for most of the people who comment already. And since the others never comment . . . maybe this is an impossible way to build a list because they never comment!

    But thought it was worth a try...

  3. Your mother is an inspiration to all. If I'm still around at eighty-two I hope that I too will be finding new challenges to keep me sharp! I think we need the podcast of a conversation between you two. That would be a good listen!

  4. No doubt she would not cooperate! But we do have some interesting conversations. I would need to be wired for that one!

    Go ahead and be around. Please!

  5. I want to be on the Marly newsletter. Do you have my email in your data base?

  6. Oh, that image of the loom sends me back to my youth when I got to try my hand at it when a cousin left hers in my parents' basement for somw tiem during a move acorss the country. There are so many weavers in our Finnish family and I've been blessed with many woven treasures. You are blessed by such a dynamic mother!

    I'm sure I'm on your list of admirers! Wish your books were available in Canada but may have to hazard the border duties...

  7. I'd better be on the newsletter list. If you ever wanna do a walk-a-thon around Hollins to raise poetry awareness, I'm in.

  8. Susanna,

    If it is still earthlink, I have it. Thanks!

  9. marja-leena,

    My mother's family seems to have been keen on needlework for a long time, but she picked up weaving because weaving is still very strong in western North Carolina (our ancestors tend to hail from Georgia and South Carolina.)

    Well, if you ever want one of your very own and don't object to, the prices are comparable not to the retail price here but to the lower discount price.

  10. Robin,

    Walkathon with you most anywhere!

  11. Marly, I forgot to say how much I love the title of this post - speaks to me! I do have your 'Throne of Psyche' on my wish list at and hope to get it very soon!

  12. marja-leena,

    That is amusing! You need the good Dr. Who to bring his Tardis and take you back to Neolithic times for a jaunt at Jericho or Çatal Hüyük or somewhere.

    I shall be very pleased if you read my poems! Thanks.

  13. I shall trumpet your new publications loud and long and clear.
    Unfortunately, my trumpet is made of plastic (it is a nice blue one with shiny buttons) and attracts loons across the lake and loons here in the USA only.
    I just hope they read.

    Weaving is a very rewarding thing to do. I tried it in the past but then got hooked into other crafts along the same lines and haven't gone back to it.

    Your son is lucky. He will wear that scarf with pride, I am sure!

  14. I like shiny buttons and loons. They do the only kind of chuckling that I like. I dislike chuckling in novels, as a rule.

    You are a note weaver.


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