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Saturday, May 07, 2011

The Welsh Frolics

Clive Hicks-Jenkins, artist.
Andrew Green, Head of The National Library of Wales.
Damian Walford Davies, poet and professor at Aberystwyth University.
Three fascinating men...
Clive is refusing to say Wensleydale for the photographer!
Andrew is holding the beauteous monograph, Clive Hicks-Jenkins
(UK: Lund Humphries).
Damian is holding the also-beauteous
The Book of Ystwyth: Six poets on the art of Clive Hicks-Jenkins
(The Grey Mare Press and Carolina Wren Press.)
The picture was pilfered from Clive's wonderful Artlog.
May 6
Dave Bonta, Andrea Selch, Damian Walford Davies, Callum James, Clive Hicks-Jenkins and Ian Hamilton for the late Catriona Urquhart, and I read at the Arts Centre, Aberystwyth University. Launch of The Book of Ystwyth: Six poems on the art of Clive Hicks-Jenkins (The Grey Mare Press / The Carolina Wren Press.) I have a sequence of six poems, "The Book of Ystwyth," in the book.

May 7
Opening of Clive's 60th birthday painting retrospective at The National Library of Wales, Aberystwyth. 2:00-4:00. It is also the launch of the gorgeous Lund Humphries monograph, Clive Hicks-Jenkins. I have a chapter on the miraculous in Clive's work in this one. Mine is a bit wilful--a gallimaufry of sketches and stories instead of an essay. On top of that, I managed to surprise him by turning "My Dream Farm," the painting he did for the MOMA Wales show for children, into an example of the miraculous. I am present here and there in the gloriously CliveCliveClive exhibition, as the poem "The Blue Marches" is on tape loop and I have done the voiceover for the film on Clive's maquettes, using the text from Kathe Koja's essay.

May 8
Fesitvities at Ty Isaf in celebration.


  1. Ptfp! Ignore the typo as well! Bad iPad!

  2. Sounds like a great adventure!!

  3. What a lovely time! Yes, it has been grand...

  4. What a lovely time! Yes, it has been grand...

  5. Thinking of all of you over there! Nice to see you and Mr. Bonta touring the castle grounds...I look forward to stories!

  6. There will be stories! Dave left today for London... I am leaving for North Carolina via train and then flights to Paris and Atlanta and Asheville... Shall do a reading and then tote my eldest home to be with the rest of the family.

  7. Perfect time of year to be there, I think!
    I hope you get to do all the things you wish to do, and enjoy every moment, Marly.
    The sun just hit Ohio. Ish.

  8. Ish. Precisely!

    Paul, I am leaving very soon (see the comment above) and shall enjoy skirmishing with your gang soon.


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