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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Wales Album: visiting Meri Wells, part two

What is that--precious jar of unguent,
ambrosia gone soft and dangerous,
clay cradling beads of gold to soothe the sea
when the storms rise and the selkies toss?

Perhaps it is a gift for my youngest child,
who is 14 today. Happy birthday!

Pensive, dreaming of landscapes we do not know.

Gallery frolic and caw.

He held my hand. Was both fearsome and sweet.

Riot of forms... the house gallery.

When I was Alice,
I fell into the well of his eye.
Took me years to climb back up
and crawl out into the light.

Caught, looking up almost in surprise.
Find a pierced stone and look through it.
You might find out what he sees.

Another glimpse of Meri Wells and Clive Hicks-Jenkins,
with Peter Wakelin on the grass.
This time Clive is smiling.
And I did not say, "Wensleydale."
I promise you that.


  1. You've given a marvellous visual account of Meri's world here Marly. Folk will beating a path to her door to see her wonderful creations in person, and indeed they should, because she is the REAL thing!

  2. ooops... 'will be beating' is of course what I meant to write!

  3. I do wish I could be beating a path to Meri's door! Thanks for sharing your fabulous photos with poetry, a lovely second best to being there amongst her amazing magical creations.

  4. Wonderful work! Meri Wells creates things of timeless beauty. Fascinating and (to me) surreally beautiful creations.

    Your youngest is fourteen today? Frolics!
    I hope they have a lovely day!

  5. Clive,

    Hope so--it is an experience to go to Meri's otherworldly world.


    Did that seem like poetry? It's really just prose broken to fit the boxes...


    Yes, Meri beings are wondrous.

    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Of course, he stayed up ridiculously late to work on a school project...

  6. Meri's creatures are amazing. I am surprised she has not been approached to create for movies.

  7. She has created a world of marvels. would love to see in person. Thanks so much for bringing these back to share with us.

  8. Susanna,

    I wonder what the beings would have to say about that...

    Some of them are terribly opinionated.


    I was afraid they might abandon my head, without pictures! I'm glad other people like them and can see them as well.

  9. Ragging Dave-the-nature-nut: Dave, that is not a YEW that Clare and I are standing beside but a monstrous BOXWOOD.

    Couldn't resist. XD

  10. Fantabulous photos and words!

    (A boxwood, eh? O.K., I'll correct it on Flickr.)

  11. Well, not sure anything of such monstrosity-proportions should be termed a mere boxwood...

  12. Lovely and peaceful. These creatures take me away to some strange, happy place in my mind where everything is weird and perfect. Thanks for sharing. Hope to see them in person some day...

  13. I did have a lovely otherworldy feeling about the whole visit... wandering into dreams.

  14. Wow! Amazing and sinister! They have quite a medieval feel to them, like the masks people used to use to ward off the plague. Really powerful...!

  15. Yes, I'm glad you came to look at them, Clare. They are wonderful, aren't they? Some people seems to see weird but peaceful, and other veer toward the sinister.

    In Clive's house, there were quite a few Meri Wells pieces, so I got to look at them every day. And there was one in my bedroom...

  16. And you didn't bring one home??? I'm sure that would have been hard (and expensive) to do. I do love those characters though.
    The text on the post did read like poetry.
    Oh and happy birthday to your son!!!

  17. I was tempted. Especially by the uncanny ones. And the "bishop" in my bedroom.

    Alas, three gargantuan educations (two children, one husband--better make that four, as Nate is four years away) compel me to be sensible. Fancy that!

  18. This comment has been removed by the author.

  19. I like the art, and your blog. I will explore more.

  20. Ashley,

    They are, aren't they? I loved the whole experience--the house, the garden, the art, the talk.


    Hello, new facebook friend! Glad you popped over. I will be posting a lot more art from the trip to Wales...


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