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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Poems at "The Flea"

Special Mermaid Tavern issue
in honor of "The Flea"
on its second natal day--
two years of blood and song.

I have three poems in the Mermaid Tavern issue of "The Flea," two of them written expressly for this roistering, carousing celebration! They also fit into my The Book of the Red King sequence: "Song of the Fisher-Folk"; "Fool's Toast to the Red King"; and "The Mermaid Tavern."

The Flea
Special Mermaid Issue


  1. you are so amazing Marly is there anything your dont do!

  2. Are you complimenting me on my roistering, Miss Susanna?

    XD Marly

  3. Congrats! Love these poems, Marly, for their ancient magical and mischievous fairy-tale world.

  4. Absa-fuckin-lootly! (are we allowed to say fucking on your website! hahaaa)

    When I get your book I am going to do bad emo poetry recordings like the ones I did this week of Larkin's work. Everything I do sounds like Alan Rickman!

    No really Marly, seriously I do think you are accomplishing great thinsg .

  5. Thanks, marja-leena!

    I have a heap of Red King poems coming out soon... And have had a great deal of fun with them.


    I shall look forward to you sounding like Alan Rickman! Do you dress up? I mean, do you manage to look like him as well?

    Thanks for that vote of confidence. I'm counting those!

  6. Yay! More from the Fool and his Red King!

  7. Love it Marly. I hear Carroll in these lines, the poems from Alice I have held in my head my whole life.

  8. gosh I was on here talking crazy talk last night! you can delete my comments if they are obnoxious. I think I had to much camp fire.

  9. zephyr,

    Glad to have fans of the Red King!


    Always glad to hear from you, even with camp fires burning in your head...


    Hmm. Alice again. Yes, I believe she is often with me, even when I don't notice.

  10. I am very sad I didn't realise you were visiting so near! Hopefully next time!

  11. Wah! I did leave you a note... but on your blog. Should have tried to email you, I suppose.

  12. The Red King poems are the most sensationally wonderful things I have ever read. So many of them too.... how is that possible?

    I love their wayward twists from the melancholy to the sublime.

    (The word verification for me here is 'defix'. Well, I just got my fix, so right oh!)

  13. I do love the Red King and the Fool. May be done: the Wales trip sort of broke in, maybe at the right time. But there are about 140of them now...


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