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Thursday, May 19, 2011

Maquettes and Myra: wholly unrelated M's

Pete Telfer's shot of Clive
before the opening of "Clive Hicks Jenkins"
at The National Library of Wales, The Gregynog Gallery.

If you go to Telfer's Culture Colony site here, you can see a film
(a collaborative effort by Clive, Peter Wakelin, and Pete Telfer)
showing how Clive manipulates his maquettes to gain new ideas.
This film is one of two featured at Clive's retrospective show.

Voiceover is by me, reading words of Kathe Koja
from the splendid Lund Humphries monograph, Clive Hicks Jenkins.
Taped in the bedroom of Pete's daughter, with Clive
as godfather director, lying on the bed in sunglasses.

There are Telfers here in Cooperstown, and once there
once was a Telfer gallery.
And now for something completely different...

Just in case you're feeling
a. over the hill
or b. lacking in joie de vivre
or c. quite certain that old ladies are really boring,
here is my darling Aunt Myra, age 94 and recently out of the hospital:

"Parasailing granny does it again"
May 16, 2011 3:33 PM  Destin Log staff reports
Myra Morris celebrates her 94th birthday with style in Destin.
The South Carolina native has been parasailing
with Captain John of Gilligan’s Parasail
every year for her birthday for the past seven years.
Morris and her eldest granddaughter, Robin Morse
of Hattiesburg, Miss., got a bird’s eye view of Destin.
Morris was in town celebrating her birthday on May 12
 with 17 relatives from Mississippi, South Carolina and Canada.
And now I think the maquettes and my Aunt Myra are not so unrelated because they both twirl and hang on the breeze, these maquettes and this Myra, my aunt, a woman of great sweetness who is secretly a daring young girl on a flying trapeze.


  1. Hi Susanna--

    Aunt Myra seems like your kind of woman to me... and everybody likes the maquettes!

  2. I've followed Clive's blog since he started and all his work is awesome. And your Aunt Myra is too! (puts me to shame - you won't find me up in the air like that even decades younger!)

  3. Yes, they're both lovely to know!

  4. Fascinating clip of the maquettes. Did he give you one to go? How wonderful they would be in the window!
    Your aunt Myra too is wonderful, and I see why you aspire to be like her.
    She is like my dad, without the craziness, I think.

  5. Hah, no, Clive uses his maquettes on a regular basis! It would break his heart to let one go, although there was one for sale--I think because his arm was twisted!

    Yes, I look around and see all sorts of old people and wonder at some of them--ways to be in the far future.


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