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Thursday, May 05, 2011

The Snail Castle

Novelist Clare Dudman and I have planned to meet for years, and yesterday we did. Hop to Hodmandod Land and enjoy! I went with the just-arrived poet and blogger Dave Bonta to Welshpool and Powis Castle. Click on the title to fly there.

More news when I get home--the iPad is not conducive to blogging.


  1. The link didn't work, or I'd have flown, as commanded!
    I am reading your book. Amazed, simply, though I have seen a number of these poems separately, they're a whole different thing when gathered together into a bouquet.
    Enjoy. I wish we were a stop on your circuit!

  2. i was going to breeze over there as well.
    Poo on the ipad, i guess.
    Hope you're having loads of fun.

  3. Robbi,

    Yes, it works! Click slowly on the title--i just checked it.

    Glad you are liking the book.


    Oui, poo. (Oulipo.) I am. Shall share lots when i get back.

  4. How awesome for you two!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. hey! one of the tornado refugees must have been logged in on my computer. ITs me! Susanna!

  6. Susanna,

    That was confusing!

    Reading tonight was wonderful...


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