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Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday from the Hills

Shiny! Look at the hardware...
I put money where other people's mouths are.
Little brother on his sister's birthday, age 13.

I hate to bump Meri Wells from the top spot before today is finished (go see!) but just felt like saying a big, echoing, tunnel-mad Happy Birthday! to my third and youngest child. Fourteen years ago on this day a little runt and I were both trying our best to die from toxemia. But we were hurled blessedly back to life. Today he is a long, skinny drink of water who is mad about sports and Scout camping, does well in school, volunteers a lot, and is the only thurifer hereabouts. Happy Birthday! And have a grand summer here and at the three kinds of camp you like!

And that makes me as old as them thar hills, I reckon, but them thar hills are covered with balsam and laurel and rife with seams of gold and gems and dwarves with pickaxes and places where stones are set up because of fiery visitations from the otherworld and lively nooks and crannies with storytellers and poets and wild mountain prophets reciting no matter who does or doesn't listen...

Aw! Mr. Skinny is April 2011 Student of the Month.

Not sure if that's making 4' 4" on the high jump or messing up 4' 6."
He is a maniac for wrestling, but loves football and track.
The idea of just jumping unaided over a bar or hurdling or wrestling
or football used to be fairly alien to me.
I'm a hill!


  1. Happy Birthday to him! He looks like he would be a lot of fun to have around. You have so blessed with all your children.

  2. They are all so different! Isn't it amazing? I'm glad you favored us recently with pictures of all three.

  3. Susanna,

    Children are tons of fun to have around except when they're not! XD



    They definitely are. I see some continuities, but they are, overall, quite varied in stature and appearance and interests. Keeps life perking along and makes me find out new things!

  4. Looks like you!
    I'm not sure if it's the feature set or the expresssion (!) but he does. Happy fellow : )
    Today we all had the weather for a birthday! (I think you had a similar low 90's day?) - so I hope much fun was had.
    14? How young still! You must be a wee lass yourself!

  5. Thank you, dear Ebenezer.

    We are up enjoying the horrible homework of 8th grade... XD

    Yes, it's still rather hot upstairs.

    Nothing said. You know what shovels shovel.

  6. L'Chiam!! to you both
    May it be a very Happy Day!!

  7. Thanks, zephyr--glad you wafted by.

    It was good, other than the fact that at about 11:30 he had to do some more homework!

  8. Happy birthday N! Wrestling sounds fun, I can take or leave the rest I think!

  9. Wrestling is very interesting, but often I am surprised by how much I enjoy the other things when it's not too dratted cold.

    Just wrote a poem about a girl of 12 who had perfect form in the hurdles--wholly surprised me that I did it! But she was so fresh and lovely and elegant...

  10. Excellent high jump shot! How anyone can jump like that is beyond me. Belated congratulations, hope Nathan had a grand day.

  11. Hah, Nate has springs and frolic in his heels. I think he has done well for somebody who just started jumping, and he wants to continue next year.

    I am more firmly planted on the ground...


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