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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Alighting from Wales: Cullowhee, the valley of lilies

Robin Rudd takes a picture. May 12.
More on Wales, travels, and The House of Words after I make it to Cooperstown...

Here is a picture with me at the middle level of the house in Cullowhee, taken by Robin Rudd (aka Robin Egg), one of my students from last summer when I was writer-in-residence at Hollins. Robin has just finished her M.F.A. there and came up from Greenville, South Carolina for my reading at City Lights in Sylva. The dogwood peeping from right is in astonishing bloom this year.

Robin Rudd takes another picture! May 12.
The view from where I am sitting in the first picture.

And here is Robin with her alarming Shadow.
Were he a Pullmanesque daimon, I'd be worried for Miss Egg.


  1. Shadow looks so fearsome there with ears up that I can say nothing less than, "You are very welcome, sir (or is it madam? No offense meant!)"

  2. You have a lovely Shadow, Robin, very different though from my own.
    What a beautiful set of pictures Marly! I understand why the place stays in your mind.

  3. Oh, and hope the readings were smashing.

  4. Hi Robbi--

    Shall catch up with you when I get home... Yes, I thought of the Robbi-Shadow when I saw the Robin-Shadow.

    I do love western North Carolina, though I hope the people who live there learn the meaning of ZONING soon. It is starting in some places.

    The readings in Wales and here were, indeed, smashing. I have had a great deal of pleasure in many events and will post pictures and words soon.

  5. Thank you, Robbi! Everyone should be so lucky as to have a Shadow.

  6. I'm looking forward to reading more about Wales, the flight (always a major bane in my mind, but made better when one homes in on one's nearest flight companion and grills them) and everything else 'Marly Youmans' soon.
    It's been dull here. Grey turns to green though and summer is just around the corner. SUMMER!
    Just think!
    I do like those photographs, by the way. NC is a beautiful place indeed!

  7. Paul,

    I had one flight companion who looked precisely like Wallace of "Wallace and Gromit," except that he was very red. Somehow I seemed to be over my flight-fears, acquired after I flew on a number of Piedmont planes that had to land unexpectedly due to mechanical problems...

    Yes, I hope it is warm in Cooperstown. It is just right here, and the mountains are lovely in May. When I first arrived, the pink shell and flame azaleas were deliriously pretty. Now the dogwoods are going gangbusters, and it is an especially good year for them. They must like cold winters.

  8. Tell Robin that Shadow has her own blog (or I have it for her) and there is that poem I wrote for her, but I don't think I posted it. It isn't published yet.

  9. Her own blog?! :D Wonderful. I've considered doing a blog for our beagle, Harvey. He's a good guy. What's the link to Shadow's blog? :)


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