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Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Palace Aphorisms, no. 6

series 1: Fat people & tourists

The Palace Aphorisms
no. 6:

The tourist comes to see what he has been told to see and traps a tiny portion of its soul in his little digital camera.

Rules & such for The Palace Aphorisms are here.

* * *

Photograph of a tourist by Cecilia Alvarez of Barcelona, courtesy of


  1. Oh, I hope and trust most places souls' are impervious to digital, or otherwise, camera intrusions. No, I think it's the tourist's soul that gets trapped in the little apparatus---or the minutes of his/her life that go unlived. Of course, it's different when WE (all of your readers and you) do it ;D.

  2. Ah, but everybody thinks that others are the real tourists... Isn't that so? And "we" are the adventurers and carefree vagabonds. In your case, the careful observer with the travel sketches of things seen.

    Of course, I no longer have on my rose-colored leisure suit, and so can profess to know nothing about either tourist or adventurer.

  3. Mmm 'tiny prtion of its soul' - love it! I imagine them tumbling out when I download my pictures onto my computer, then escaping down the wires - to return to where they've come from.

  4. Wonder what the confetti of soul bits is called... Need a singular and plural.

    Trala for the first day of school! A reasonably good time was had by all.


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