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Saturday, September 09, 2006

The Palace Aphorisms, no. 10

Photo credit and information below.

From the first series of
The Palace Aphorisms,
devoted to that immortal topic
"Fat People & Tourists."

no. 10

Fat men are hell on joggling boards.

Now, if you happen to be the unfortunate soul who does not know what a joggling board is, you may pay a visit to The Original Old Charleston Joggling Board Company on King St. in Charleston, or you may hop to their more e-thereal address at Their motto is Put a Joggle in Your Life, and it's not bad advice. As the joggling board makers say, "The Old Charleston Joggling Board has been part of Lowcountry life since the early 1800's and is still seen on porches, piazzas and in gardens throughout the Lowcountry. Legend has it that there was never an unmarried daughter at the home that had a Joggling Board."

As a proper South Carolinian, I can say that I have joggled in my time, and that I hope to joggle again, preferably in a lush, lovely, hot Charleston garden and not in a Cooperstown snow drift.

The picture of the joggling board above belongs wholly and exclusively to The Original Old Charleston Joggling Board Company, and is probably not supposed to be pilfered for blogs. I shall have to inquire. Perhaps they will take pity on the unfortunate Carolinian in shivering exile.

* * *
Dear Jogglers,

I have taken the liberty of effusing about The Old Charleston Joggling Board Company on my wee blog, and of snitching a picture from your web site to illustrate, all as part of an ongoing and entirely serious (dead serious!) series of aphorisms. I hope you will forgive me for the pilferage! If not, I hope you will inform your lawyers that I am a penniless writer, living in a faraway snow drift.

Sincerely yours,

* * *
There. That ought to do.


  1. ...or on bloggling boards.

  2. Ah, I wondered what these were called. Having grown up in the mighty midwest, I had never seen one until this summer. At our first annual Arts Kids Fest here in beautiful NC someone had brought a home made joggling board and set it up. Only I didn't know it was called that, the only thing I knew was that both children and adults alike had a lot of fun playing on it.

  3. The Charlestonians say that the idea came over from Scotland, long ago...


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