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Friday, September 15, 2006

Katie has a snack

If you look closely, you will see
that Ant, the friend of Katydid,
is coming to tea...

Here is my mama on katydids: "Katies are all over the place here too. It has been rainy or cloudy and quite cool so they have been quiet at night. Wesa loves to get them around the lights at night. Locals can tell you when the first frost will occur by listening for the very first of the Katie-did sawing away in their romantic mood. I believe they say exactly 90 days from the first. Whenever it comes, it will be too soon for me." She liked this katydid picture, though she doesn't care much for ants. Looks like she doesn't have to worry about this one anymore.

The cruel katydid, doing what comes naturally, is a photo from Frank Morris, who holds the honorable title of Cousin. He is also a Senior Projects Analyst. What exactly that is, I know not. But then, it also seems a mystery that we are cousins, out of all the billions who might have been cousin to me but are not!

Have a lovely green weekend before the leaves color and die, and if the shadow of a giant leaf falls over you, be sure to scurry as fast as your little ant legs will carry you, okay?


  1. I was counting on Ant to gather my food!

  2. when there are a thousand outside its fine, but one in the house in the middle of the night!!!It must be hunted down!

    I saw a walking stick insect on the side of my car today, it was cool.

  3. Cricket & Grasshopper, the leaves are turning to blood... Better gather in.

    Hi, gallic Susanna-- Yes, I feel quite homesick for the thousands outside. Also cicadas. And walking sticks. The No'th seems big on doodlebugs and centipedes and black flies (spring) and bottle flies (fall).

  4. Very interesting your work, I look very days

  5. Might I remember you from Giornale Nuovo? I don't read Spanish, alas, but I did visit your interesting galeria and archives.

    In fact, I felt sure that I recognized El profesor de piano! I've seen him somewhere... Liked the mysterious plants (as a Southerner, I liked the glass vase of cotton), characters, and retratos (portraits?)

    And will drop by again when I have more of that precious substance, time.

  6. Did you ever read Mr. Bahrs new book? I was of a mood to pick up the Black Flower this weekend.

  7. I am still reading it now--I'm afraid that I'm a weird writer and reader who plays with a lot of different things at once, so I tend to be working on many pieces and reading a number of books simultaneously. And I like it... But I'm going very slowly and making it last. Not much longer, though! You will like it, if you liked the first two.

    I saw a chunk of the first portion a year ago, so it was very interesting to see some metamorphosis, mostly in the direction of a tighter, less digressive story. I don't mind digressions, by the by, and I don't think Howard does either.

    A novel is a cat that can be skinned many ways. Of course, editors and publishers don't always agree with writers about that!


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