Thursday, February 09, 2012

Forthcoming Books

One of the many foliate heads painted by Clive Hicks-Jenkins...
Choosing a cover will be hard!

For various reasons--the global economy and far-off pub dates that hampered me from arranging North American reprints--I have made a number of changes in my publishing schedule, both the when and the who.  

The Foliate Head - Stanza Press (UK)
Thaliad - Phoenicia Publishing (Montreal, CA)

Glimmerglass - Mercer University Press
Maze of Blood - Mercer University Press

Catherwood - Mercer University Press


  1. I appear on your blog with rather embarrassing frequency. Just hope everyone here doesn't get bored with seeing my work before the Stanza book even hits the presses!

  2. I could say the same about the Artlog after that run on "The Foliate Head!" Who could possibly get bored?

    And besides, there's the magical interior to come...

  3. I do not think it likely that people will get bored with your art, Clive. Truly, not a likely scenario.

    I hope the changes work well for you, Marly, but it's a sad state of affairs when one cannot be published in one's own country as easily as in others.
    Glad to hear that Mercer are publishing novels too! I think that will work well for them, and you!

  4. Clive,
    I agree with Paul and Marly. No one could get bored with your art!
    Marly, you amaze me even more than usual. I need to get some of what you have and rub it liberally all over! Then repeat!

  5. Thank you Marly. Paul and Robbi, you're a generous and enthusiastic support team here at The Palace, and much appreciated.

  6. Paul,

    When I parted with my (very nice) agent, I simply accepted the publishers who asked for books. And in the case of several that were to be published first in the UK, they simply asked first.

  7. Robbi!

    Whatever do you mean?

    I am strictly a The Body Shop woman! And I wash my face with Milk of Magnesia! Maybe that is my secret weapon...


  8. I was speaking more figuratively, albeit in a bizarre way. I meant your perseverance, work ethic, determination, confidence, etc., as though it were a topical cream! Milk of Magnesia???

  9. I know--just teasing!

    Yes, MOM... recommended by the People's Pharmacy for all sorts of odd ailments.

  10. Wow! New digs! Can't decide. I did like the Wm Morris wallpaper effect of the old one, but this is a little eye-friendlier.

    (Embarrassed by appearing on MY's blog? Bored by seeing CHJ's art? Even I can't make imaginative leaps like those.)

  11. Dale,

    The other one is still up... but not for long! I could always add some wallpaper, but I think I'm enjoying the clean look at the moment!

    Getting lots of fb comments but so far nothing really criticical--Paul suggested softening it from the black frame that I had at first, so I went with the greenish shade.

    We could work on the embarrassment!

  12. If you like it, the thing must be okay!

  13. Keep up the good fight my friend and publish your stuff when ever and where ever!

    Clive's art proved the perfect aesthetic for your illustrations. They will be talking about him in all the art books. I LOVED his cover illustration "Touched" on Psyche. If only we all could experience that.

  14. oh, by the the new skin.

  15. Susanna,

    Then it is definitely all right!

    Yes, I toddle along, doing what I like to do and keeping the faith that I will always find people who want to publish and share it.

    Yes, it would be nice to have something so striking and flashing happen, wouldn't it? (Or, for that matter, to be as pure and clean as a glass of untainted spring water--and so ready for it to happen...)

  16. What a fantastic image. I love seeing so much of Clive's work! Keep sharing!

  17. Oh, wow, you've redecorated - very lovely and bright and your images are larger, too, I think.

    As for boredom here or at Clive's? No, for the excitement is positively electric!

  18. Hannah,

    Yes, Mr. H-J is inspiring. Fun to have twined around some of my work, too!

  19. marja-leena,

    So nice to have artists come by and like one's house-furbishing! (Especially one who is doing a grand decorating at her digs...)

    The images were even larger on the added "pages" about each book, but I decided they were too large entirely and have cut them down to size a bit. Not sure if it's quite right yet. Shall have to take a look on an iPad and see how it looks there. But I'm glad nobody has said it does not work on their computer.


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