Monday, February 27, 2012

Throne Sampler

Here are links to some of the poems from The Throne of Psyche that are on this site--probably I have posted some others, but these popped up easily. So here they are in one place, so you wander through them and have a sense of the book. At 109 pages, the book is rather long for a volume of poetry, so there's plenty left to discover.

Cover image: Clive Hicks-Jenkins
Designed by Burt and Burt

As for ordering a book that has now been out some months, you probably will have to order it through your favorite indie or else order from an online site. Books don't stay in stock at brick-and-mortar stores for very long these days, especially poetry books.  For comments, reviews, an interview, and more, go here.

About the Digby videos, with links

The Marriage Bed, from the title poem
and how to find more of the title poem

A Fire in Ice (riposte to Billy Collins)
Southern to the Bone
Here We Go Round

At Cullowhee
When Demons Ruled
Snow White in Wildwood

Three little poems for my three children:
Tears of a Boy, Age Six
A Child at the Tropic Pavilions
In Extremis

* * *
Next book: A Death at the White Camellia Orphanage 
(Mercer University Press, 2012)
Inaugural winner
of The Ferrol Sams Award for Fiction


  1. Such a gorgeous book. It was my main poetry reading for weeks: I carried it with me everywhere.

  2. Dale, that is a lovely thing to say! Thank you.

    I have yours right here... and better go read another poem before child no. 3 appears, hair on end after the first day back in school.

  3. Oh so beautiful, Marly, all of them. I love the ones about your children. The last one is so heart rending. As I read it I could not help imagining one of my own children there. Thankfully he survived while I'm sure the experience left something of a scar, like a burn, on you. That comes out in your powerful poem.

  4. marja-leena,

    Yes, the event behind the poem came on a day when we decided to move him to another hospital with an I. D. department, as he hadn't even moved in days--and didn't move until the seventh day, as it turned out.

    I remember so many things from that time of meningitis with great vividness. Yes, it was full of powerful moments.

    And I'm so glad that you liked the poems.

  5. It really is a fabulous book. I hope you win some prizes for it. It deserves some.

  6. Robbi,

    That is a pleasant wish. Thanks. I never really think about those things because the whole enterprise of poetry is obscure these days, and the kind I write is not a bit trendy.


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