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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nester chooses Blake on "The Lydian Stones"

Valentine's Day pub date!
Victorian Violet Press

Illustrations by Nina Canal of France
Today is pub date for Robbi Nester's chapbook from Karen Kelsay Davies' Victorian Violet Press, and Robbi is the featured chooser on The Lydian Stones.  Please drop by and leave her a congratulatory valentine. Enjoy!

And here is a cruel winter Valentine for you if you have had enough of candy hearts and small animals dressed in ruffly pink.


  1. Thank you for playing with "The Lydian Stones!"

  2. "...if you have had enough of candy hearts and small animals dressed in ruffly pink..."

    A snort of delight at that phrasing! Your work was just my cup of tea for this day. Loveliness.

  3. Amanda,


    Just re-linked to you! And was wandering around your site (so many beautiful things I don't remember--shall go back and spend time when I'm not working on Dread Marketing.) Atelier Sisk is looking fine indeed!


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