Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to be a helpful book brownie--

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Here's a list of 36 things you can do to help writers you like in ways that are not difficult and do make a difference--ranging from buying a copy at your favorite indie to yacking or blogging about the book, from making a review video to creating a mini-tribe in support of a book. The author is one of the fat cats of the world of marketing, and there are some great, effective things to do on the list.

I try and do some of these for other people, and I hope in turn that passers-by and friends and readers will do some of them for my books, particularly the ones that are new and hoping to find readership.

Afterthought for poet Jennifer Reeser, who liked no. 10:  I'm sure a tree would be glad to help my The Foliate Head collection when it comes out. However, most trees probably feel that they have done enough to help books already--unless, of course, we're talking about ebooks!


  1. That's an excellent list! I review books every week on my blog and generally a couple of people at least say they'll buy the buy as a result of my review.

  2. Yes, I was surprised that it had so many useful things--so often such lists are flabby.

    Well, just email me if you want a book! I'm good at bothering publishers.

  3. I can write a review. I have a market that would probably publish it. I'm waiting to get the new novel, and I may do a review for that or for another of your books. If you have a preference, let me know.

  4. Robbi,

    Maybe you'll have an opinion once you have the novel, since you've already read the last book! But I appreciate any-and-all efforts to get the word out.

    Just was out driiving in the snow. Felt like a regular Coop-winter.

  5. Marly,
    After I wrote that I realized why I hadn't written a review already. We are friends, and perhaps that doesn't make me the most impartial reviewer, but I can still do informal reviews and I will.

  6. Yes, I do still help people I know--but it's not the formal, distant way that you help people you've never met.


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